When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Freeloading at Andrew’s

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I have the best titles for blog posts. I was stationed at the lingerie section at Forever 21 today. I managed to sell about 25 panties? GO MEEEEEEE.

But yes, I went to visit Andrew on Sunday night after work :) I got off a bit earlier than expected and then hopped onto the GO bus back to Mac~ Andrew picked me up (complete with nomlicious doughnut) and then we headed back to his house. As usual his mom left me some food and I ended up eating all their leftover pasta 8D Nom nom nom it’s soooooooooo yummy 8D

Once I was full Andrew and I watched an episode of Sword Art Online. HNGGGGGG IT’S GETTING GOOOOOOD. Funny we didn’t choose to watch a movie haha (hence no title for this blog post). After that was done we just chilled until I stole Andrew’s bed and he slept on the couch.

The next morning was nice. I slept with my contacts in. And I really like Andrew’s soft blanket. I actually woke up a fair number of times but it wasn’t until I texted Andrew did he come in and wake me up :P I then showered at around noon (using a shower gel I knew I was allergic to, but it smelled so nice!), and Andrew made me Eggos, onto which I poured an obscene amount of maple syrup 8D It’s so bad for you but I’ve been watching my sugar/sweet food intake for a while so I figured I could pig out.

Once that was done we headed to Mac so Andrew could go to his class and I met up with Sarah :) As usual we got distracted by the tables selling jewellery and then we just had fun poking the random microbe/bacteria plushies at the bookstore. Andrew then picked me up and we headed to Lime Ridge, both of us in the hopes of finding out what the other wanted for Christmas. We didn’t really go into many stores, the mall was in the process of renovating, and for some reason I’m still embarrassed shopping with Andrew D: On the bright side I sort of have an idea for a Christmas gift?

My mom called while we were nomming in the food court, and I was told to not stay too late. We headed back to Andrew’s place for a little bit (where I again nommed some pasta his mom prepared) and then Andrew drove me to Mac to catch the bus at 7:30. Only I was a complete idiot and the bus actually came at 7:20, so we waited until 7:50 for the next bus.

The moral of this blog post: I really like green grapes.


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