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The Adventures of Tintin

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A delayed blog post as usual, I just got in from work, but happy late Thanksgiving (if you live in Canada XD!). Andrew visited me yesterday and brought like 4 movies with him, but I ended up choosing The Adventures of Tintin. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from it. I usually don’t like those animated films where everything but the people look amazingly real. But getting past that, the movie was surprisingly very well done :) I’ve never read the comics, so I thought I wouldn’t follow along, and I’ll admit I got lost a few times, but Andrew explained things to me and I really like how fast the movie seemed to go. Again, the animation (besides the people) were sooooo well done. Everything looked very real, I had a hard time believing they didn’t just overlay the cartoon characters while filming real scenes.

Lalala, so what else happened. Ah, I made a strawberry and banana smoothie for Andrew. He liked it :3 I liked it, too. I HAVE OUTDONE MYSELF AGAIN. I am brilliant. Oh yeah, we also got Harveys, which filled us up more than expected, so to delay dinner we watched episodes 12 and 13 of Sword Art Online. It’s a very well done anime. I like the concept and the drawing style has my approval, but sometimes the episodes go a bit slow.

Once we watched that, we headed to Boston Pizza for dinner. I ate more than usual (stole like half of Andrew’s potato skins) and then Andrew headed home at around 9:30 because he needed to do some reading for school.

And that’s the update on my life so far.


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