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MJC Sushi Night

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Ah, it’s always a blast, MJC sushi nights I mean. Last night was no exception. I ate way more than I usually do.

Keeping this blob short because I have to leave for work in 15 minutes. So I took the 3pm GO bus and got to Mac at around 4:45, and then met up with Sarah and then went to chill and wander Westdale briefly to kill time before meeting up with Andrew. The reason I went to Westdale was to go to the bakery to SEE IF THEY HAD MY BELOVED MACARONS. But they didn’t. So I got 2 meat pies instead (nomming one of them now). And Sarah and I shared a peanut butter jelly cupcake, WHICH WAS HEAVEN.

Met up with Andrew at around 6, then got a pumpkin pie at the food place in the hospital (I swear I go to Mac to bring home food) and then we headed to Sapporo. We were like half an hour early haha, so I ordered ALL THE FOODZ for the table I sat at. The waitress thought we were crazy (60 pieces of salmon sashimi, 60 pieces of California Roll etc) but yeah, totally not crazy. I was crazing their tiramisu but I decided not to since I had half a cupcake from earlier. DIDN’T STOP ME FROM MY GREEN TEA ICE CREAM, THOUGH.

Once sushi was done Andrew drove me home again and I arrived at around 11:20am :) Then after checking some FB and Tumblr I passed out in bed because I only had an hour of sleep.

I MUST GO TO WORK NOW. I woke up at 5…and I wanted to shower but then decided to cut my hair. Wtf is wrong with me.


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