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Working at Forever 21

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I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this sooner haha. Mmm, so my first day of actual work was on Monday. Had a shift from 8:30pm until midnight. Basically the majority of the time was spent waiting for trucks to come in and then they would get unloaded. It was a lot of manual labour but I didn’t mind so much. Unfortunately it didn’t really tire me out, and I still slept at 6am despite working the next morning. Even though my shift was at 10am, I was out the door with my dad at 8:30, and I got to Markville at around 9. Grabbed some breakfast at Tim Horton’s and then met up with Janelle (my awesome co-worker!) and just talked and walked since we were really early XD!

But yep, Tuesday was more interesting. There was still some unloading to do, and I spent a lot of time moving boxes around and sorting them into the right departments. Sometime in the early afternoon all the boxes finished arriving and we could finally start opening them! Yeah that was boring, but at least I got to look at all the new clothes haha. I have my eye on a few dress shirts XD I then spent the rest of my time putting clothes on hangers. Omg. I hate hangers so much. The Forever 21 has the good hangers that prevent the clothes from slipping off…which meant it was a pain to slip inside the actual shirt. Also I guess button-ups are very in this season, so I had to do a lot of unbuttoning and then buttoning. And the buttons are tiny -_-

But yeah, I work again tomorrow. I’m kind of excited haha XD! We’re having a soft opening Friday afternoon, but the grand opening is on Saturday! It’s really cool how the room was large and spacious when I walked in and then now it’s full of furniture and clothing and decoration. It reminds me of Pangaea set up hehe. I like that feeling of working as a team to accomplish something.

Side note, after I browsed the F21 website and clicked on all the new things I like to add to my cart, the total was like $270 -_-…sighhhhhhh. I think I’m slowly beginning to like button-up blouses and collars. They look so professional.

Okay, since I have work on Thursday and Friday, I won’t have time to do my theory homework. Which means I must finish it all today!

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