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Forever 21 Orientation

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So today I went to Scarborough Town Centre for my orientation at Forever 21! As usual I slept at 6am and got like an hour of sleep. I woke up at 7 and was out the door at 7:45am with my dad. Got to Scarborough Town Centre at around 8:30 and then after much wandering found the Forever 21 XD!

The orientation was straight-forward enough. Learned the rules of the store like the dress-code, what to expect, what we’d have to do in various situations, and did lots of paper work. Learned about store targets, colour codes, number of breaks, how to clock in, and I also didn’t realize so many people shoplifted O.o Most of the time I was just staring around the store eager to buy stuff because I had never been to the F21 at Scarborough Town Centre before. In fact I don’t recall the last time I was at the mall.

Anyway, so I am now officially a Sales Associate at Forever 21 for Markville Mall :D I start on Monday, and the store officially opens on Saturday the 29th.

I’m nervous and excited for this whole probation period thing. Apparently 250+ people were hired for the grand opening at Markville, but even I know you don’t need that many people to run it. I suspect mass firing afterwards. I also know I shouldn’t call in and stuff during the first 3 months but I’m anxious about when I will have my time of month :/ I get death pains where I am rendered useless and immobile on my bed as I try not to moan in agony. I can’t even eat, I just attempt to sleep away the pain. But I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

SO YEAH. I am happy I have a job now (not so happy that I only get a 10% discount) but I won’t be able to visit McMaster and MJC as often now :(



  Mary wrote @

Hey Scribbles! I’m Mary and I got hired there too, I start onMonday as well! What shift do you have?

  blobsofdoom wrote @

Hiya! I think I remember someone named Mary at the orientation XD! I start at 8:30pm on Monday and then 10am to 5pm on Tuesday and Thursday :)

  Mary wrote @

Oh okay so it was pm? I wasn’t too sure because it seemed odd and I think I remember you too! I’m also 9-5 Wednesday and Thursday and 11-close Saturday

  blobsofdoom wrote @

Yep it’s 8:30pm for sure! Because that’s when the mall is closed and we can move in all the clothing and racks and everything without people seeing us haha XD! See you tomorrow :D!

  Mary wrote @

Oh okay that makes sens, see you then! :D

  arabella rosales wrote @

forever 21 stc poor customer service… most of the sales person are not approachable, & always staring at customers… need an overhaul.. so dissapointed stc store…

  blobsofdoom wrote @

Most Forever 21 places does have poor customer service :( I’ve heard customers tell me the sales associates they’ve approached are “grumpy” :(

  arabella rosales wrote @

i agree! blobsofdoom….

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