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I went back to McMaster on Monday to visit Andrew and a few of my friends :) It felt nice walking on campus again. Met up with Sarah first because she wanted me to explain how to edit the MJC website for her, and then we chilled at our usual spot in the Student Centre an Sari found us :D Then Sari and I went to get lunch (bought Sarah’s for her as well) and it was just catching up and chilling times.

It was around 3 when Andrew found us because his class ended early grrrr ruined my plan of buying him hot chocolate and scaring him outside his class D< But then he told me it was too hot for hot chocolate (and it was) so I guess that’s okay :P Sari then had to go to class and then Thomas came and found us :D More catching up times which included how Thomas was once chased by an old lady brandishing a baguette at him when he was little :P We didn’t chat for long because Andrew didn’t want to get a parking ticket, so we walked back to his new car (with the self-adjusting volume apparently :P) and then went back to his house.

We were about to go buy some buns for his parents when Andrew’s brother called and saved us the walk. But of course being the active individual he is Andrew dragged me out for a walk anyway at a “nearby” park. I’m so unfit D: Andrew was being a show off with his chin ups >.> But anyway, the walk was nice because the weather was gorgeous, and once we got back to his house of course his parents were nomming dinner and insisted I have as much as I wanted to as well haha XD!

Andrew also introduced me to an anime called Chihayafuru :) At first it didn’t seem interesting (sort of a boring summary) but after watching the first 3 episodes with him it got pretty addicting XD! I watched up to episode 12 last night, and I’m about to go over my monthly 25GB bandwidth. So little, I know. I really hope it’s a happy ending >.> But Amy pretty much just told me it’s not because she wants a continuation :P

It was around 10 by now and Andrew drove me back to my place. He had to leave right away because it’s not summer anymore and things such as classes and seminars exist. I made Andrew’s ears bleed by forcing him to listen to some of the lovey-dovey songs on my phone 8D!

Site note, I’m going back to Sunnybrook tomorrow (for the last time I hope -_-) and then if I’m not too chicken I’m going to go to the job fair at Markville Mall for the new Forever21 store. I really want to work there but I have no experience in anything ;_; UGHHH EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS WRIGIWHRG. I have all the wrong motivations in life. I’m also considering opening an Etsy shop (yes, I finally got a PayPal account!). Though, I’m not sure if I should just do private orders and advertise on deviantART first where people can pay me directly instead of Etsy charging me a service fee. I have a few followers on deviantART which would make getting noticed easier…still pondering that.

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