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I went to visit Andrew yesterday~ Hopped onto the 12:30 GO bus and he met me at McMaster at around 2 :) We then headed to his house before heading to Lime Ridge because I wanted to drop off my bag but then I decided not to haha 8D I did leave my jacket behind, though, it was very humid out :/ (I only brought it along because the GO bus cranks up the air conditioning like no tomorrow)

First stop at Lime Ridge was the food court 8D We were both pretty hungry and wanted hot dogs from Harvey’s (Andrew had some coupon thinger) ONLY IT DECIDED TO DISAPPEAR ON US. I believe they are reopening in September so I settled for Jimmy the Greek, which is my default food court food.

Speaking of reopening, there are quite a few store changes happening at Lime Ridge, mostly just swapping locations I believe. I wanted to go to the mall to get new earphones but they didn’t have a Sony store, and The Source didn’t have the Sony ones I wanted. I don’t like how all the earbuds now poke out. They hurt and feel funny.

After much complaining about me being in jeans (it was humid out, but mainly my pants were sticking to my blisters and scraping them and it was painful and itchy) we wandered around looking to satisfy my need to changing into comfy, soft, baggy pants. I had pajama pants in mind, but we couldn’t find any. I did find some nice sweatpants from Campus Crew but they were $40 and seriously that’s almost as expensive as the ones at McMaster. Sportcheck was even more expensive 8D Andrew then suggested Old Navy, which I was skeptical of at first, but what do you know, Andrew located some nice soft and baggy pants o.o AND THEY WERE ON SALE FOR $15 MUAHAHAH I should have gotten like 8263283 other pairs. The reason why I don’t like Old Navy clothing is because they make me feel like a walking advertisement. There’s a huge “OLD NAVY 1994” in bright pink stitched onto the pants, but oh well, they are comfortable. I don’t have many pants actually, mostly jeans (I donated my 2372386 cargo pants from my tomboy phase) so I think I will go back and grab some more.

We headed back to Andrew’s house after and when we arrived his family was nomming spaghetti…and it looked so ridiculously delicious that despite me being full I asked to have a small plate 8D And after Andrew pulled out 5 movie choices from his collection to watch, we settled on watching X-Men~

I’ve heard raving reviews about X-Men but the idea never really struck me as awesome. I guess I’m not a comic person but Andrew told me it was Marvel, so I decided to give it a shot~ My thoughts? It’s pretty scary (that actually passes as I am chicken) but I did like the idea of it. And after watching Lord of the Rings 863823 times I just can’t see Magneto being evil because he is Gandalf. My favourite character is Storm, though :D She looks so awesome and is quite pretty ^^ I did find Rogue to be a bit annoying, I know she’s supposed to be a sad character but I don’t know, didn’t find her appealing (and who can when Storm is there? 8D). Again we had to pause a few times for Andrew to explain situations for me, (and to eat a savory Apple Crumble Blossom) and I was hiding behind my makeshift pillow (Andrew’s arm) when he warned me for upcoming scary scenes.

Andrew drove me home after the movie was done, and the ride took a bit longer than usual because of numerous road closures and traffic. I got home at around 11:45, and Andrew came in for a bit to stretch and steal my almonds. I thought after my exciting day I would be able to sleep for once, but I fell asleep for like an hour and then couldn’t sleep again until 6am :( Stupid itchiness.


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