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Whipple Times

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Wheeeeee AngeL came over today at around 4 and we had fun making Whipple goodies XD! At first we were going to play with my Easy Bake but we realized it needed a light bulb to work, so we scrapped that idea :( Instead we made fake desserts :P Combined 3 packs together so we made like 20+ treats haha! It was fun ^^ Had lots of Whipple left over, not sure what I’m going to do with them. We got so hungry looking at the stuff we made and AngeL was allowed to stay for dinner :) She also lent me her old Harmony IV notes/practice things so hopefully those will help me. Then I got introduced to a few new songs by One Direction, which are pretty good :O Can’t wait till we hang out next week again :3

The finished products ^^

We have so many treats because a lot of the pieces were supposed to be stuck together (like the doughnuts) but we left them separated 8D! Good idea I think!

Some close ups :) AngeL’s pink cupcake and my blue one :)

The doughnuts turned out a lot better than I expected and were the most fun to make XD! We used some beads that I had as sprinkles :3

Mega zoom on AngeL’s huge doughnut. This one she put the 2 pieces together~

Haha, moustache on the pink macaron 8D!


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