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Patch Test Results

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Patch test results: I’m likely allergic to the 274682 steroid creams and medication I was given. Hence me not getting better. Oh, the irony. They gave me new steroid creams. But it still doesn’t explain my original reaction to my 2 mosquito bites. Excuses.

I’m also apparently allergic to Balsam of Peru (well screw that, that’s in EVERYTHING), Propylene Glycol, Iodopropynl Butylcarbamate, cobalt but not nickel (the frig?), and Paraphenylenediamine. And now my back looks like I was severely lashed with water and oil. Lovely.

My homework: To read the ingredients in everything that I use from toothpaste to shampoo to food preservatives to toilet paper O_o

I was just at Shopper’s Drug Mart and I swear all their shampoo and conditioners have “parfum” AKA Balsam of Peru (says the list my doctor gave me) contained in it. Even the baby products. But it’s not like I leave shampoo on my body for days. It took a week for my body to react to the allergens. Oh, and I’m supposed use a Q-tip and dilute some Johnson’s baby shampoo for the blisters on my eye.

I just think…my doctor could have done a better job. He told me to stop wearing make up and spraying perfume and wearing leather and rubber. And I’m like…I don’t do any of those…unless I’m allergic to the soles of my running shoes -_- And then he was like you might not think you do it, you might not know that you do it unconsciously. AND I’M LIKE I’M PRETTY SURE I DON’T WEAR LEATHER AND MAKE UP AND PERFUME AND CRAP. Actually I didn’t say this. I just had a -_- face the whole time.

After the 2638238th time of straining my brain for the past year and going through my closet and everything, I came up with a blank. And my reaction was way too fast. I really can’t think of anything that I eat/wear/touch every single day for over a year and that it would affect my whole body including my eyelash line and ears. Unless I’m allergic to the air. Or water. That would suck.

Yeah I still think I have some mysterious virus from those 2 darned bites. And then it went into my bloodstream and spread it all over my body yayyy!


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