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Patch Test

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Mwap. I went to the hospital today to get a patch test done. I currently have about 8 tapes with like 60 different common allergens diluted into Vaselin stuck on my back. It’s not uncomfortable at all. It feels like I’m wearing those muscle-soothing strips. I’m just really not looking forward to not washing my back for a week. I go back on Wednesday to get some of the tapes removed, and then the rest will be removed next Monday.

Mmm…I’m also getting more blisters on my palms and knuckles :( It really does look like mild Pompholyx. It hurts to write because I have them right around the tips of my index finger and under my nail wtf is up with that. And I have weekly Harmony IV homework DX!

What else. Yesterday I went to Cherry Beach and Snakes and Lattes with a few friends :) It was also really hot mwap, but Snakes and Lattes was quite fun :) It’s a place in DT and they have walls and walls of every single game you can imagine, and they serve sandwiches and drinks and stuff. Sarah, Aarathi, Thavisha and I got there at around 5:15pm, and left at around 9:30pm haha XD! Had lots of fun playing Apples to Apples, Jenga, Taboo, and Catan :)

Side note, I finally plucked up the courage to reject my job offer. It definitely wasn’t that bad haha, I was avoiding the matter because I felt bad. Glad that’s all over.


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