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Star Wars Episode II + Howl’s Moving Castle

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I’M SO ITCHY EVERYWHERE WUHGIUHWIUHRG. Sigh. But on with the blog. I need breakfast.

On Sunday evening my dad drove me to York so I could take the GO bus to visit Andrew~ Managed to catch the 6:30 one, and once I got to McMaster I was picked up and I made Andrew drive me to a Tim Horton’s because I was starving. I had 2 doughnuts and when I arrived at Andrew’s place I remembered that his mom had left me a plate of food ;_; UGHHH the kindness, it burns. Andrew heated up the food for me and I ate what I could. UGHHH the kindness, it burns! Once the kindness was done burning, we watched the second Star Wars movie :) Apparently the second one is Andrew’s favourite, and so far I think it’s one of the better ones as well, mainly because of the romance HEHEEEEE and the fact that Yoda wasn’t a puppet anymore. As usual we had to stop a couple of times because my brain can’t comprehend movies that contain politics.

Okay, just go some cereal. Mmm. I took over Andrew’s bed after the movie yet again ahaha. I woke up a few times but overall it was a good sleep. I think Andrew wanted to wake me up earlier so we could go bike riding but I finally rolled out of bed at like…1? Haha, I then showered (was tempted to use Andrew’s man bath gel o.o It was silver ._.) but I didn’t 8D! Once that was done Andrew had breakfast ready for me o.o UGHHHHHH stop with the burning kindness. I can’t deal with it. Well actually I’m not sure it was kindness because he made me eat way more than I normally would and I felt way too full to do anything after.

We spent an hour or two being lazy in the house. Andrew kept going on and on about this book and how he liked it better than Harry Potter soooooooo I decided to give it a try. Because honestly, Harry Potter is like one of my favourite series ever. I managed to finish chapter one, the prologue was pretty confusing was Andrew cleared a few things up. I have to admit, it’s a lot more interesting than I thought, and it has full points for creativity. The book is called Mister Monday by the way, the first in a series called The Keys to the Kingdom. I borrowed the first one from Andrew, perhaps I shall read it later today instead of gluing my face to the computer screen. He read the series like a decade ago and he had been waiting for the last book to come out, which apparently it did like 6 months ago haha XD!

Once that was over, I got hungry again, and we made a short trip back to Tim Horton’s. It was quite hot out, but luckily not too humid, so I got a raspberry slushie and chicken wrap…which I am regretting. After that we went back to his house and watched Howl’s Moving Castle :D We’ve both seen it before, but the other day I suddenly wanted to watch some Studio Ghibli movies with Andrew. I picked Howl’s Moving Castle because it was Andrew’s favourite, and I never understood it so I thought he’d be good at explaining XD! We watched it in English only because Andrew said it would be easier to understand. Funny how the actor for Batman voices Howl :P We stopped about half way through for dinner. Andrew’s mom made hamburgers and had a few choices of salad so I was way more than full after that. But yeah, turns out the movie is much better than I remembered :)

Once that was done Andrew decided to prove how unhealthy and unfit I was by taking me on a 5.5km bike ride. I didn’t know it was going to be that long or I wouldn’t have gone >.> Not biking with you again, Andrew D<! I have a fear of biking on the road and like biking on the side walk even though I’m not supposed to. Was my first time biking in the opposite lane towards oncoming traffic. Apparently it’s safer for you. Either way, I didn’t bring any water so I was pretty much dying by the time we got back to his house. Got a migraine because for some reason that’s what happen when I exercise. But I must agree that it’s nicer to bike around Andrew’s neighbourhood than mine. The curbs are sloped so my bum doesn’t have to suffer the painful consequences when I decide to go up or down a curb.

After I cooled down, Andrew drove me back home. Took a little bit longer because we were busy talking and missed an exit XD! Ending up going through DT and then back up to Markham. I always feel bad when Andrew drives me home because it’s such a long way and gas money is expensive but he insisted :/ *shrivels up into ashes from kindness burns*

On another note, once I got home I checked my email and found out I have an interview. Not sure when yet, I have to call them back but I’m so lazy and it’s not even a job I want. Sigh, why do I suck…


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