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Second Interview

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Where do I begin?

Today I had the second part of my “interview”. My mom drove me to the location at around 12:30 and it turned out to be a gas station in Aurora. I was introduced to several people, and one girl showed me how things were done and what I was expected to do.

To summarize:

– See people driving into gas station to get their gas.
– Walk up to them, start a conversation, and offer to clean their windshields.
– Hopefully discover a chip.
– Explain that chips can get worse and how we can fix it for you, free of charge, in under 7 minutes.
– Explain that windshield chips and stuff is covered under your car insurance in Ontario should you be inquired about why it can be done for free.
– When they agree you tell them to drive up to the little tent that has been set up.
– Call their broker/insurance place and confirm that they have insurance and that it is covered.
– Proceed to fix chip. (drill glass, place bridge, screw bridge, pour resin, insert pressure thing, unscrew bridge, life bridge, place cover slip on resin, wait for a bit as it is cured by UV, lift cover slip, scratch off excess resin with razor blade. TADA.
– Fill in form and explain the life time warranty.
– Give form to person, wave, and bid them a good day.

It definitely doesn’t sound hard. Actually, it’s a lot less work than I expected. My only complaint is it’s in the sun, and I am terrible with the heat.

What about the moneyz you ask? Base pay is $80 for the first 3 days, and then after that it’s on commission. Every car I manage to pull up to get their chips fixed is $20, and I get to keep it all, don’t have to pay taxes or anything (something about an independent company, they’re called ResQ Auto Glass I believe). Once I level up to team leader it is $24 each car I pull. The person who interviewed me apparently started in my spot in February, and is soon going to expand to London, Ontario with his buddy and both become owners o.o

The nice lady (she’s actually my age!) who was demonstrating to me already pulled 4 cars before I got there at 12:30, and while I was there for an hour, she pulled 2 more cars (that’s $144 right there in her pocket, in 5 hours) so I actually got to see her fix the chip and stuff. She was very professional and friendly, articulate and knowledgeable. She let me fill in half the form and explained to me what to ask for when calling insurance companies and stuff, but I wasn’t allowed to fix any chips yet because they have to teach me if I actually get the job.

My parents’ thoughts? Honestly they’re like go for it, because they said I need experience dealing with people and not sitting at the computer all day. I need to know how people are in the real world, and that not everyone is nice to me. Mmm, everyone was very nice to me, seem very friendly and positive. We were all around the same age (except I was the only enviro major, they were all polisci!) so it was pretty chill. But I know what my dad means. He believes I am too sheltered.

After about an hour (my mom waited for me omg, I felt so bad!) I was told I could go and that we’d keep in touch. I was also the first one on the scheduled list of people who made it to the second round, so after the rest of the people I’ll get some feedback and see if they actually want me.

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