When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Star Wars Episode 1

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Couldn’t blog yesterday because I was tired and was going to blog earlier today but I had stuff to do. ANYWAY.

Geez photo editing applications are so addicting. My phone is not longer a device to call and text people. It’s like my personally on-the-go Photoshop. OH NO I’M OFF TRACK AGAIN.

Andrew came to visit me yesterday once again. Dedicated fellow. He must really like Markham. But yeah, he rented the first Star Wars movie for us to watch. But before that, we were both hungry, and Andrew, being the gentleman he is and knowing I would shrivel right up in the blazing sun, went and bought us both Subway. So yeah, nommed that while we watched.

It was quite confusing for me to understand even with Andrew’ explanations because I’m just not a politics person and boy was there a lot of politics in that movie. Still, it was interesting to see how it all started, and the graphics improved a lot. I especially liked that underwater city place, it reminded me of floating crystal pumpkin carriages XD! Mmm…for some reason I kept thinking Qui Gon was Obi-Wan. I guess it was how similar they acted and carried themselves. And it really surprises me to say this, but the little Skywalker midget is kind of cute. Also, the costume designer for the queen needs to get fired.

Once that was done, my parents came home and I told my mom about my tear duct on my left eye, which was swollen and red. It still hurts when I blink. ANYWAY, she freaked out and insisted I go to Shopper’s Drug Mart with Andrew to get some eye drops, but the lady at the pharmacy said it didn’t look like an infection and told me I didn’t need anything (went to my doctor today and was told it was infected and  she prescribed an eye ointment for me). I did manage to buy some tea flavoured egg rolls, though. They’re growing on me.

After that we headed back to my house and my parents insisted that Andrew join us for dinner. So he did. We went to Inatei again and just ordered a bunch of things to share. Somehow we ended up talking a lot about Chinese movies, with Andrew butchering up names and my parents trying their best to guess :P Mmm, I didn’t eat too much, and they didn’t have my blueberry milk pudding but we did get free lychee pudding.

It was getting late when we finished, around 9pm, so we headed back home and after a little more chilling, Andrew had to leave :( And this time he remembered his glasses case haha!

Mmm, I’m supposed to be with my wifey’s right now for a sleepover, but it has been post-poned for the nth time, so I shall go load Fairy Tail instead.


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