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Photo Editing Applications!

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Sooooo I went on a mad downloading spree yesterday. I’ve been meaning to download some games and stuff for my phone for a while, but I kept telling myself my phone was only for texting and calling purposes and I didn’t need other things on it.


Oh, I also got Instagram because everyone has it but then I realized I don’t have data on my phone so what’s the point anyway? I can’t instantly upload.

So yeah, onto the apps! These are ALL FREE. And yes, if you get them you will have to deal with the advertisements. My phone is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro, which uses Android.

First app! This is DECOPIC. This is, in my most humble opinion, the most versatile and adorable photo editing application I have right now. You can add filters, frames, stamps, the usual you would expect if you’ve ever tried purikura. Here’s something I did in 5 minutes, simple filter, frame and a few stamps. The top picture has a few filters ran through it using PicsPlay first (last review). I give this app 4/5 stars. Minus one star because you can’t move things around once you place them and it tends to freeze/force close.

The above four pictures are from PhotoGrid. I like this application a lot because it makes a collage of various pictures of your choice. You can select up to 9 pictures :) It also features rotating, zooming, swapping pictures, and adding frames. The only downside about this app is that when I transfer them onto my computer, the pictures are TINY. These are the full sized pictures :( Maybe it’s a settings problem. 4/5 stars. Would have given a 4.5 but there are a few glitches with the buttons.

Next app is Photo&Pic Collage. It’s pretty similar to PhotoGrid, but the image size is a lot bigger when you transfer it onto your computer. On the downside, the grid lines are not clear if you don’t choose layouts using straight lines and there are only 2 frames to choose from. Loads a bit too slow for me and it’s pretty hard to zoom and rotate pictures. A neat feature is you can change the layout of your pictures by shaking your phone, but it gets a bit annoying because you can’t choose the layout, its basically randomizing. 4/5 stars. Would have given 4 stars if the lines were cleaner.

This one is PicsArt. You can choose from a lot of frames and filters and stuff, but most of the frames are not that pretty, as in they are those cliche frames with neon colours and what looks like ClipArt decorations. Still, there are cute stamps and you can choose from a variety of bokeh styles, which are pretty cool. The resolution as well as the image size is pretty good for this one. 4/5 stars :)

This app is called Kiradeco. I love the graphics for this app. It has a nice selection of stamps and frames, but it’s REALLY difficult to use. This picture took me about half an hour because it wouldn’t sense my finger half the time to select stamps, rotate, and zoom. The buttons jump around all over the place after each tap and stuff, it’s pretty annoying. Another thing I don’t like is you can’t rotate/zoom the original picture or the frame. This would have easily been my favourite if it didn’t have as many glitches. I rate it 3/5 stars.

Next up is Picute. This app doesn’t have many stamps or frames, but I do like their selection of sparkles. Stamps can be zoomed and I like the name tags that you can write on. This app makes your photo look really pretty but when you save the picture, the quality gets butchered (a process I like to call JPEG-ed). This app gets a 3.5/5 stars.

And finally, last app is PicsPlay. If I had to describe this app using one word it would be “filters”. There are tons of filters to choose from, some are free and some you have to pay for, but the free ones are pretty decent. I personally only like a few of the filters but it’s still fun to play around in. You can also do basic photo editing like cropping, contrasting, brightening, and colour adjustments. I like making my food pictures look softer and more pastel-ish with this app. Another awesome thing is you can choose the resolution of your photos! Very useful. I would give that app a 3.8/5.

AND THAT’S IT. I actually downloaded a few more photo aps, but I didn’t think they were too nice, so I deleted them. But yeahhhh you should go ahead and try them out if you’re ever bored like me and avoiding to do Harmony IV homework >.>


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