When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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I went to Hamilton to visit Andrew today :) Because I was stupid and didn’t realize the GO bus schedule followed the weekend schedule. I was planning on taking the one at noon, and then realized it was at 12:30 instead :( Anyway, woke up early to shower and then went to breakfast with my parents, which tasted awful. Boarded the bus at 12:30 and then arrived at McMaster at around 2pm :) Andrew then picked me up and when we got to his place he made me Eggo waffles and I stole his last sausage.

We headed to the theatre at around 4:40pm to catch Brave at 5. The short before the main film was quite adorable and creative :) Liked that a lot hehe. Hmm, I must say the movie was not what I expected. I thought the movie was about a girl who wanted to prove herself and be a bowmaster or something. They should have renamed the movie Bear, it was quite bear-related. But as usual, Pixar’s animation was very beautiful. I especially liked the animation for the main character’s hair haha, but I thought watching a movie on the big screen with fast scenes hides a lot of the details as it blurs. Kinda hard to explain, but I got a headache from too much detail blurring. Good film? It was. Not the best, but not the worst. I also thought it had a few scary parts, but I’m a chicken XD!

Once that was done we headed back to Andrew’s house and I had dinner with his family :D! Nom nom nom. I can’t wait until I can actually eat chicken again. Then I had 2 yummy popsicles heeeeeeeeheeeeeeee haven’t had one in ages because I’m not supposed to be eating sweet things o.o Apparently I look good in a pink cowboy hat haha XD!

ANYWAY. Andrew drove me back home at around 10:20, stopping quickly at Tim Horton’s and I got back at around 11:30pm. I should go shower now. For the first time since May I feeling a bit tired before 2am. THIS IS AWESOME.


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