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Okay. So Andrew visited me yet again today :D He arrived at around 1:15pm, and when I opened the door he had a package in his hand, which he handed to me. I opened it and OMGGGGGGG IT WAS MY ADORABLE ALPACA THAT HE ORDERED ONLINE FOR ME AS MY GRADUATION GIFT. HNGGGGG. IT’S SO FAT AND WHITE AND IT HAS A HAT AND A BOW. Andrew says it looks Scottish. I THINK IT LOOKS ADORABLE.

His Royal fluffiness.

I have named him Shortbread after Andrew’s suggestion XD!

So alpaca-craze aside, Andrew was kind of sleepy so he power-napped on my bed while I went to blow dry my hair. Then we biked to Harvey’s so he could grab some lunch! Ugh I feel so unfit. I seriously need to get into shape. Anyway, we got back home at around 2:30, and after I caught my breath and wasn’t dying anymore, we headed to the theatre at around 2:50pm~

Different theatre this time, not our usual FMP theatre. The movie was listed for 3:25pm, but it didn’t start until 3:45 or so =/ BUT YES. GOOD MOVIE OMG O.O Thanks Andrew for treating me :P I didn’t know it was going to be thisssssss good. I like all the Avengers hehe. Though Iron Man seriously pissed me off in the beginning, especially when he was fighting with Thor, and you know me, Thor’s my favourite :P The movie had lots of funny moments which I thought was fitting XD! I’m sad that Phil, son of Coul, had to die, though :( Oddly enough, I like those alien whale thingers. I thought they were pretty sick. Mmmm so yes, lots of fighting, but nothing too gruesome and bloody, so by default it was good in my opinion :D

After the movie, we walked over to the nearby Kelsey’s for some foodies as we were both starving. Kelsey’s doesn’t really have good food anymore sigh :( Ever since they got rid of my Chicken Pesto Linguini I haven’t had anything from there up to par. As I am advised to not eat chicken, and 60% of their menu has chicken, I ended up getting my salad as usual. Andrew ended up paying because I only had $5 on me ;_; BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE I TOLD HIM I’D TREAT HIM TO MENCHIE’S. But Menchie’s is not as expensive as Kelsey’s :( I need to treat him like 287368 more time haha XD!

So yep, that’s where we went after Kelsey’s! Got a little confused with the GPS, but we still made it there in one piece :) I registered my Menchie’s card the night before, so I got 25 free Smileage points! And apparently they give you another 10 if you use the card within a week of registering, SO THAT BOOSTED ME TO AROUND 40 POINTS OMG. And I only need 50 points to get my $5 ^^ After paying for both my and Andrew’s yoghurt, I need 0.06 more smiles grrr!

But yep, once we were finished we headed back to my place and just chilled. It was getting pretty late :( Andrew left at around 11 and now I should probably shower and sleep. I have the sniffles and I think I’m getting sick from lack of sleep D:


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