When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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I’m graduating in a few hours. And I didn’t sleep at all. It’s wonderful. Will continue this entry later haha, it’s almost 7, and I just stepped out of the shower. Gotta leave by 7:15am the latest >.>

UPDATE 3:47pm.

I’m home and going to pass out because I am tired from lack of sleep. Will edit later.

UPDATE: 7:15pm.

So I didn’t sleep. Hmm. Went straight to FB and uploaded pictures haha! And now to recap! Thank you so much to Thomas for coming! You had work but came at the end for pictures anyway :3 And thank you for the teddy haha, wasn’t expecting that!

I was supposed to leave the house at around 7:15am…but we left at around 7:40pm D: Ran into traffic right when we were exiting the highway. Grads were supposed to arrive no later than 8:45am to get their gowns and stuff. It was around 9am when I spotted the building, then my dad decided to be stupid and turned into a parking lot that was full, and since the roads in Hamilton are like one way, we couldn’t make it back to the building. So we parked at another parking lot and walked instead. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one late haha XD!

Hmmm. Overall, convocation was pretty boring. Lots of speeches, and I was only on stage for about a minute. I couldn’t take too many photos because there was another ceremony happening after. I think I was the only one wearing thigh high socks and a dress shirt with skirt XD! A lot of my friends also didn’t come, but I did find a few and took pictures with them haha XD! I got my diploma once I returned my gown, and since Thomas was here, my parents decided he should join us for lunch at Kelsey’s haha! I told myself I would eat cake to celebrate but I got full from my salad >.>

Ahhhhhh so I finally have an Honours B.Sc in Environmental Sciences :) WHAT NOW? Look for food of course.


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