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New Phone

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So my cousin bought me a new phone while I was in Hong Kong :D It’s the Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro I believe. I put a picture XD! I had my doubts about buying a phone from HK, wondering if it would work in Canada. The nice sales lady reassured me it would work just fine, as it was a 4G phone, and I simply just needed to put my SIM card from my old phone and voila! But what REALLY made me buy it was because it has a slide out keyboard AND it came with a silver and a pink back cover XD! I’ve been looking so hard for a pink phone that has a slide out keyboard! I guess it’s all about touchscreen now. Mind you, my phone is touchscreen also :P Not to mention the phone was on sale from $1900 HK dollars (around $250) to $1400 (around $185) XD! AND THERE’S NO TAX IN HONG KONG OH HO HO HO HO! I just checked the Xperia mini pro website and they’re selling it for £149.00, which is about $240, AND YOU NEED TO ADD TAX.

Unfortunately, when I got back to Canada I found out my phone did not work with my old SIM card. I went to Future Shop yesterday and was told that it wasn’t so simple. My service provider is Bell, and for some reason, their network system, along with Telus, is different than all the other phone companies, and just switching the SIM card won’t work. It works fine with my mom and dad’s SIM card, and their service providers are both Rogers. I can still use my phone as a mini computer and access Facebook and stuff, though :P

But this really stinks. The technician guy at Future Shop told me I had 2 options: get a new phone or switch providers. I’m likely going to switch to Fido or something, because they have a plan that’s $25 for unlimited texting and 150 minutes of blabbering. My current plan with Bell is actually really awesome. I get unlimited text and calling for only $27.50. But yeah, will discuss this with my mom later XD!

Random fact: I was pronouncing my phone as “Xerpia” for the longest time instead of Xperia (as in experience).

Random fact #2: I have the same phone as Michelle :D Except mine is white and I changed the back cover to a silvery pink ^^ She has the black one :3

It’s so purty <3


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