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Sleepover + Iron Man

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Lalala, it’s been a while since I’ve watched a movie at Andrew’s house :) I went back to Hamilton on Thursday to chill with both Andrews haha. Andrew D was back from his trip to Denmark and would be heading to San Francisco soon for his job, so I hopped onto a GO bus and went to visit :) We didn’t really do much, just had lunch and then wandered around Westdale Village, where we kinda got overdosed on sugar from cupcakes. He also got a lot of his work-related things done, though, so that was good :) We ended up just chilling at MDCL and HSL while I waited for my Andrew to finish night class, as I was going to freeload haha. Once we all met up, Andrew D headed home and I went to Kelsey’s for dinner with Andrew. This is a very confusing blog.

Unfortunately I didn’t really get a good night’s sleep. I kept waking up (you know those nights where one blanket is too hot and no blanket is too cold?) and then was really woken up at around 6am when the birdies started to talk to me haha. Ate pancakes that Andrew’s brother prepared, and had a delightful talk about pancake batter and Salmonella. I also took an antihistamine after I showered (that was one of the coldest showers ever because the hot water decided to say bye to me halfway through washing my hair), so I was out for about 2 more hour after that. Andrew then woke me up for good because he didn’t want me to waste the day away, so we went to grab some food from Tim Horton’s, and then watched Iron Man :D It was a good movie XD! I only agreed to watch it because the actor for Sherlock Holmes was in it, and I find him amusing XD! There were some scary parts that Andrew warned me about, and I did cover my face/turn my head, but it was still awesome :) Am I the only one who actually really, really like his talking computer?

After the movie, Andrew drove me back to my house because it was getting late and my parents were texting me to come home haha. It was an enjoyable ride back despite the terrible rain and wind haha. Andrew told me about the Avengers and we had a fun time assigning superhero roles to some of our friends in engineering. Why? BECAUSE WE CAN. I got home at around 9:10pm, and then Andrew stuck around for a little bit before he left at 10. Andrew you need to sleepover next time XD!

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