When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Anime North 2012

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Once again, Anime North has come and gone. Possibly one of my worst experiences ever, though. I was still sick with the stomach flu, and I skipped Friday. I also couldn’t finish my intended costume, so I wore Mio on Saturday and quickly put together an ugly Magnet Miku for Sunday. It was my first time wearing a wig. They’re so hard to take care of…mine was really tangled by the end of the day :( I managed to fix it up when I got home but I really couldn’t brush out some of the knots, and I had to cut them :(

Mmmm…I didn’t buy anything this year, but Thav got me a bunny keychain and bunny hat :D Thanks, Thav ^^ I think I might actually be going to Fan Expo, just because I couldn’t finish 7th Dragon Miku D< Michelle’s up for it too, as she also couldn’t finish Ahri for Anime North.

Ahhh finger hurts. I shall stop typing. I’m glad I didn’t skip out this year just because I was ill and frustrated, would have regretted it deeply XD!


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