When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Off to Hong Kong!

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I have a tummy ache at the airport T_T! Sigh. It’s currently 8:20am. My flight’s at 10 haha. Hmm, dad just told me I left my corn and veggies in the fridge…woops. Was supposed to eat them at like 3am, but I decided to sleep instead. BAD DECISION. I usually stay awake the night before a flight so I’ll be very tired and can sleep on the plane. It’s super effective for combating jet lag and making the flight less horrible.

No stops for me this time. Full 16 hours. OH YEAHHHHHHHH (I am being sarcastic). Will arrive in Hong Kong at about 1pm HK time. Apparently when my mom booked us the tickets, we couldn’t get 3 seats like usual. We have 2 seats together and one seat somewhere far on the other end of the plane or something. Likely my dad will sit in the forever alone chair haha.

Hmm…I’m wondering why I even bothered to bring my laptop. I forgot that it can’t turn on without being plugged in. I think when I dropped it for the 82638237th time, something disconnected and now it can’t sense the battery D: My plans to Wi-Fi at McDonald’s in HK have been sabotaged. I guess it will come in handy to empty my camera’s memory card every day, like what I did when I went on my cruise. My mom has an adapter, but I wonder if that’s enough for our 3 phones and my laptop.

Wow, this blob is a lot longer than I originally planned. 


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