When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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That’s right, stupid body. Cause me pain when I was supposed to go have a fun day with my friends and be happy. Friggen spent the day moping and hunched over and napping. I’m still feeling a pain right below my ribs. It comes in cycles. Frik…I hope it’s just acid reflux or something, but I doubt it, it’s been going on since early afternoon. Had to postpone my wifey date until tomorrow. My mom was really concerned and scared me by saying I might have Appendicitis…but I’m not hurting on my left side. Ugh, I hope I feel better tomorrow. It was such an awesome morning. Decided not to go to IKEA with my dad and watched the final 2 episodes of My Little Pony. IT WAS AMAZING. And then of course after my happiness something horrible has to happen to compensate.

Side note, my dad was horrified when I showed him how I looked like with my Miku wig on. My mom thought it was entertaining.

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