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AngeL’s visit + MJC’s Last Sushi Night

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Go figure I’d walk AngeL to take the GO bus and then come home and not sleep despite sleeping at 4am. Hmm It’s 10:06am, and the day is very lovely. Almost as lovely as the past few days with my bestest friend <3

So the story begins back on Tuesday night, and AngeL arrives to McMaster at around 7:35pm. I picked her up at the GO bus stop with Amy and then we went to have a quick dinner at Bridges before they closed at 8pm. Their lasagna is one of the most amazing dishes in the world haha XD! Anyway, we quickly ate, then went back home and chilled <3 I bought this toy thing called Whipple, and it’s one of those pastry play things where you can make cakes and desserts by adding Whipple, which is a fake cream that hardens, and then assembling little parts of pastries, like the cake base or strawberries or whatever. We had so much fun doing that haha, we’re such kids <3 But yeah, I love miniature things, especially yummy-looking ones, so I was especially amused.

" Provided yummy pieces!

Whipple! The pink was a nice pink XD!

Finished products! :D!

We slept pretty late, like…at 2am? AngeL then followed me to my last class ever the next morning at 11:30, which turned out to be a waste of time haha, but that’s okay. I was going to bring her to explore Westdale right after, but I forgot to bring my memory card for my camera, so we went back to my place to get it. Not a bad decision, I was carrying my heavy school bag. We ended up changing into our matching bunny outfits and then camwhored for a bit before realizing it was almost 2, so we headed out then haha! Went to an awesome cupcake place, a chocolate place, and a nice bakery :3 Bought lots of cupcakes, stuffed our faces, and I believe AngeL bought some pretty chocolates as well :3 I wanted to buy macarons from the bakery because Sarah bought me my birthday macarons there, but they didn’t have any at the time :( Super sad ;_; I did buy a meat pie though, which I shall eat later.

After camwhoring a bit more in the beautiful sun, Andrew picked us up at Westdale Theatre at around 3:30 because he is amazing, and drove us to Lime Ridge to save us time. Thank you so much! Actually he drove us to the nearby TD Bank because AngeL needed money, but thanks anyway! Mmmm so yeah, lots of shopping at the mall D: We got a lot of looks from people because we were wearing matching rabbit hoodies…haha, guess they thought it was scandalous or something. Whatever.  We were both quite hungry but didn’t want to eat because MJC’s last sushi night was at 7, so we wanted to save our tummies. At around 6:30 I believe Andrew texted me saying he could drive us to sushi O_O! ANDREW YOU ARE AWESOME <3 I was getting a little worried taking the bus to sushi *is paranoid about taking public transit alone* so that saved us even more time!

We arrived pretty early, like about 10 minutes before everyone, but the parking lot was full so Andrew had to pay for public parking out back grrr. Mmm, as usual the night was entertaining. The beginning was a little confusing, because I got 2938293 texts from people telling me to save them a seat where I was sitting…but…that wasn’t quite possible :( I felt bad, especially for Danny, as he decided to go to sushi as we’ve never had sushi together before. He ended up sitting at another table beside the washroom with his girl friend ;___; I’M SORRY DANNY AND KRYZEL ;___; Two tables of 10 and two tables of 8 ended up being 1 giant long table of like 25 people and 2 smaller ones with 10 and 8 seats. Pretty epic.

The highlight of the evening for me was when we announced our members of the year! Congrats to both Kayleigh and Brandon for being outstanding and enthusastic all year long! We hope you enjoyed your crowns and free dinner hehe XD! Then Thavisha proceeded to pile me with things he got for me on Ebay haha! Thanks a bunch Thav :D! I like my new bunny earmuffs the best. Though I don’t think you should give the sender an excellent rating because some of the items were not described as is. But anyway, as if that was a big surprise, a few minutes after that was done, Andrew and Sarah called me and Michelle up and presented us with GIANT CARDS O.O And everyone had signed it with messages and stuff! I was so touched T_T! Hnggggggggg I’m still having trouble reading some of the messages and signatures but wow…hngggggg super awesome feeling, I felt so loved ;_; MJC ROCKS, I’M GONNA MISS IT SO MUCH TT-TT

Once dinner was done, Andrew drove me, AngeL, Amy and Philip back to our house! Thank you again ;_; The rest of the night consisted of me just looking at pictures, AngeL putting eyeliner on me, some more camwhoring, and a very amusing conversation with one of my FAVOURITE housemates. Sarcasm. Let me share this epicness.

So AngeL went to use the upstairs washroom (my house has 4 washrooms, but 1 is a private one in someone’s room) because that was had more counter space, and when she was done, we chilled and talked for a bit with Philip and Andrew D, who had come over to chill with Philip. While talking, derp housemate comes out of his room, which was like 10 feet away from where I was, and asks me if the downstairs washroom had a problem. I knew right away where this was going, he was complaining about AngeL using “his” washroom last night. So I said, oh yeah the downstairs one clogs sometimes, no biggie. And then he became a jerk and told us:

– Not to use the upstairs washroom again. Like what?
– Told me AngeL was my friend and should be using the downstairs washroom, because you know, whoever your friends are means your washroom choices are limited.
– Complained to Philip that the Internet was crashing and told him “well you better fix it”, because apparently Philip is his slave, and that “it was crashing throughout the day because we *points at us* were here the whole day and this never happens on the weekends when *we* leave. (we were actually all out the day by the way).

And right then I decided I couldn’t ignore his ugly face anymore and talked back to him. I told him the washrooms in this house are free to use, none of them are specifically assigned except the private one in another housemate’s room. He complained loudly to his girlfriend about me having social problems, in which I talked loudly to my friends about his terrible manners with running up and down the stairs at 3am, and cooking loudly in the middle of the night as well, and topped it off with him talking shyt about my friends. It was pretty amusing, Philip and Andrew D were silently laughing inside Philip’s room beside where I was standing, and the whole situation was pretty awesome because Jerk Housemate didn’t expect me to talk back at him. He then left and told his girlfriend we were crazy. Lame.

Anyway, it felt really nice getting that off my chest. He’s been one of the most inconsiderate housemates ever, talking loudly, playing guitar at night, THROWING A BASKETBALL AGAINST THE WALL because he has no real friends to play basketball with and disrupting everyone, etc etc. The list goes on, don’t let me get started on him not washing his dishes, which he doesn’t do, and his parents come every week to do it for him. I can’t wait until he has to enter the real world and realize he’s not a ladies’ man and other people are not his slaves.

But yes, other than that, the night was good! Ended up sleeping at 4am, so yeah, didn’t get much sleep. I’m not going to sleep now, though, I really need to study. Hnggggggg I can’t wait to leave this house.


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