When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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Next week is going to be hell. I’ll be working on 2 final papers and a final group project, all due in the last week of March. Then I have 2 more quizzes I believe. And then once all that is done, it’s going to be final exam time. AND I WILL BE OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE. I have no motivation to work. This is bad.

Speaking of group projects, my final group project for my first year geography class is ridiculous. We have to make a  guide book (an actual book, I know some other people are actually going to get it printed) of 12 sites around the Westdale area, and talk about its history and significance along with field notes and field maps and then an actual map of the entire area and yeah. It’s pretty crazy. I’ve never had so much work to do for a first year course before, and because it’s a first year course I REALLY want to do well. Must get a 12 in the course D<

So yeah, on Tuesday my group members and I went to explore Westdale. It’s actually pretty cute. It was also a very bright and sunny day to go exploring. We visited all our places and wrote all the field notes. I think we all agreed to do our sketch maps using Google maps to save time haha. Mmm, I bought 4 cupcakes (gave one to Danny), a meat pie, and 2 quiches D: I should not have eaten all those cupcakes…I think my skin condition is back-lashing on my face again because of the sudden sugar dosage. I’m getting stupid bumps and rashes around my mouth and on my cheeks. As if I needed another reason to be more self-conscious. Sigh…I feel so vain. I just don’t want spontaneous rashes/bumps on my face for no reason. Is that too much to ask?

Ughhhhh. I sort of knew my condition might backlash on me when I lowered my prednisone dosage to 3.5mg. My dermatologist did say that he’s seen it happen to a few patients of his before around that dosage, but I didn’t want to believe him. I thought if I just didn’t think about it I’d be okay.


I’m so sick and tired of life. And I’m still suffering from some unknown condition down there that is pissing me off so badly. I just want to destroy and throw out my vagina. Yesterday was a bad day. Mother nature decided to punch me in the uterus, and I had 2 labs. I haven’t had Advil or Tylenol since I began taking prednisone summer of last year, so yeah…yay for pain!

I hate my body. Why am I a girl? Why am I PMSing. I’m trying to cheer up by listening to My Little Pony songs but it’s not working.

And hence the depressing title of this blog.



  selinebyron wrote @

Smileee! You’re almost there!

  Nike wrote @

I agree with selinebyron literally.

When you see your parents, BF, BFF, etc., ask them for a very deep hug (or voluntarily give them one) and try to remain silent during that time. Feel the love from within.

Try to do that for at least one minute. You might find something magical about it.

I am not joking around. It is a valuable and priceless treasure that you and your close ones share and it is very powerful. Please try it when you are feeling down.

The world shapes around your state of thought and mind. If you are able to change that, everything changes.

Don’t let the world change you, be the change in the world.


  blobsofdoom wrote @

Thank you :) Yea, I definitely will try the long and meaningful hug thing. I miss those.

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