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The Secret World of Arrietty

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Yesterday was my birthday :) And I honestly didn’t expect anything, but Andrew asked to hang out after my morning class so we did :) He had a lot of work to do, so I felt bad >< But I was happy at the same time?

So I thought we were meeting at Tim Horton’s at 12:30pm, when my class was done, but he texted me at 11:45 saying he could pick me up since he was chilling and nomming at the Williams near my house. Which made me think…why is he here so early? And I had this feeling he went into my room (OMG AND HE SAW THE MESS ><) and left something there, like he did so many times before.

BUT ANYWAY. Andrew picked me up once I was done and we headed to a Tim Horton’s up the mountain…which also made me ask myself why we were going so far. We got there and I went to the TD bank first to withdraw some money and while I did that Andrew bought me my default ham and swiss sandwich :3 I ended up ordering a tea and lasagna afterwards because I was still hungry. Then I was told that I had 7 minutes to eat it or else we’d be late. So I quickly ate my lasagna and brought my tea along. And I found out Andrew was treating me to a movie o.o

Obvious, but we watched The Secret World of Arrietty :) It was such an adorable movie! I’ve been excited for it since Andrew showed me the trailer a few weeks back and the movie was awesome. What I liked most was definitely the drawings. It was so detailed (especially Arrietty’s room!) and creative. Not a big fan of the ending though…it seemed a bit sad to me :( And I didn’t like the boy’s voice. He sounded like he was 30. Will definitely watch it in Japanese to hear the differences~

After the movie, Andrew quickly went back to his house and then we headed back to my house. AND I REALIZED I NEVER ROLLED UP THE RIM ON MY TIM HORTON’S CUP ;_; UGHHH it was inside a normal one because it was a hot drink, SO I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT. I threw the cup away in the garbage at the movie theatre sighhhhh ;_; It’s going to bug me forever. I could have won a car or TV >.>

Anyway, so Andrew drove me to my house and insisted he come inside, which was odd. And once I opened the door to my room…yep there were balloons haha. I knew he went in earlier ><! AND SAW THE MESS UGHHH but I guess it’s all good. He should know I’m a messy person haha XD! But yep, it was an awesome morning :) Andrew then had to go back home to eat, and I told myself I would clean my room but I never did. Ended up doodling something before night class~

So yesssssh. I am now 22. Ugh this sucks. I still feel like I’m 17 =/ Thank you to Andrew who made my birthday less miserable than what I anticipated =P


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