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Naturopath + Pangaea + Miku Wig

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First of all.


Anyway. Time for a long blog entry as promised. Wow, I haven’t wrote an actual blog for a while.

Sooooo. Saturday. 10am. My mom took me and my dad to this Naturopath place. She’s been before and she told me about this magical device that could tell you all the things that were wrong with your body or something. Obviously I was skeptical, but it’s not like I believed Naturopath was bogus. It’s a holistic approach to medicine that I agree with it, so I went with her. The lady there was nice, and after explaining to me what to do, I held onto this small metal-looking rod device which was connected to her computer. And I watched the computer program as it measured different things in my body. The whole process was so stupid and cheesy. It was too simple. No needles, no blood tests, just holding onto this metal rod for about a minute. The program looked like something my friends could program, but once it was done analyzing me, and I read the information that it spat back out, I had a change in perspective.

Turns out this device is called Quantum Magnetic Analyzer. It sounds so cool but honestly, the whole program looks so cheesy and cheap. You can search it up on how it works, but the basic idea is it measures the electromagnetic waves that cells from the human body emit as they constantly split and renew and die and stuff. Seems cool and correct, but it’s really up to you to believe it. Science is very contradicting.

But anyway, this device analyzes 23 different aspects of the human body, such as liver function, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, kidney function, lung function, human toxin, blood sugar etc etc. It then gives a 3762836823 page report on every aspect, like for the aspect of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, it would measure things like vascular resistance, coronary perfusion pressure etc etc. And each item it measured (there must have been 200+) it would show a standard for a healthy individual, and then my value. A lot of my values were out of the healthy range. For example, I’m really low in calcium, and it’s affecting my bones. I’m also low in all the B vitamins, and my blood is a little too viscous, and I have higher than normal traces of Arsenic (the lady said to stop eating chicken) and various other things.

The experience was really cool. The lady actually sat and talked with me for like an hour on the things she thought needed the most attention. She then suggested various things I could do to improve, and the program also gives a summary report or what can be done as well. The main thing for me was reduce stress, get exercise, eat more but smaller meals, and a few other things. Was pretty awesome. She was quite pro. She also told me the steroids I was taking was affecting my Adrenal glands, which means I’m moody a lot, going from hyper to really sad quickly. And yep, this has been me since 7 months ago. I also told her various other things and she suggested solutions to them all, all natural ways, and it was pretty neat. Once I was done, it was my dad’s turn, and apparently he’s severely depleted in the B vitamins.

Anyway, once that was done, we bought some of the natural vitamins she suggested. She also suggested for me multi-vitamin tablets, some digestive enzyme, and this thing wtih 7 strains of good bacteria. I also spotted (to my parent’s dismay) these Omega-3 GUMMIES. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?! They were so awesome because they’re FISH AND STARFISH SHAPED. I told the lady I have lots of difficulty swallowing pills, so she changed the multi-vitamin tablets to some chewable kids ones haha. And I got the squishy gummy Omega-3 things. That was probably another 50 dollars or something hahah.

Mmmm, we left the place at around…a little past 12 I think. Wen to eat with my parents and then I quickly went to Chapters and then went to York to meet up with Thavisha, who was coming into Mac for the weekend to help with Pangaea. We caught the 3:30pm GO bus because I was late for the 3, and then he showed me the pretty giant bow that I wanted from Dolldelight, and the MIKU WIG THAT I TOLD HIM TO GET ME FROM EBAY. AHHHHHHH. It was the perfect colour that I wanted. I couldn’t wear it because he left the wig cap at home, but it was still fun to play with haha. My friend suggested to braid it to keep it from tangling, so I did that last night and the wig is chilling in my room. Here’s a photo before I braided it :)


But yea, once we got to McMaster, we went to Fortinos to meet up with Michelle, Sarah and Marianne (intense shopping for PANGAEA COOKING LATER THAT NIGHT) and yeah, bought the stuff (which turned out cheaper than anticipated), carted it back to my house, and commenced insane cooking.

We finished earlier than planned. But then again, we weren’t making as many things, and we made less because last year we had so much food leftover and it was such a waste :( I believe we started to cook around 7pm, and then Ronnie, Brandon, Christina and Jeff came to help out later :) This year we decided to make maki rolls (cucumber, imitation crab meat, and carrot), yakisoba and dorayaki :) The dorayaki looked so cute. Michelle said to make make mini ones instead of big ones to cut, and it was the best idea ever. As usual, the red beans took 2837628768 eons to  melt, but still we finished 3 hours earlier than last year! We all actually had a chance to go home and rest if needed hehe. I on the other hand decided to play with my wig with Thavisha until like 2am haha! I can’t wait until Anime North! I’m going to try my best to be Miku ^^ 7th Dragon version :D!

SO yep, Thavisha stayed the night and bravely sat on the couches in the living room. I fell asleep at 3ish, and woke up at 7 because I wanted to take a shower, and people were coming to my house at around 8:30 to start moving the decorations to our room since we didn’t set up the night before. So glad Brandon had a car, and he, Andrew, Michelle and Sarah went on ahead first with all the things because I still needed to blow dry my hair. Once that was done, Philip, Thavisha and I braved through the cold to the Student Centre.

Setting up was the usual. We’ve done it 2386823 times before so we pretty much knew what had to be done. Won’t mention names of annoying people that like to boss people around and calling them slackers when they just sat on a chair the whole time and watched us. In my opinion, Pangaea gets more boring every year. Maybe it’s because this was my 6th one? Experienced it in high school as well, so I don’t have much to say. Mmm, performances were…not that good this year. And Croatia dropped out last minute, so I couldn’t get any meat D: HOT MEAT AND SAUSAGES WIRUGWIRG. Mmm, for once, our Japanese Pavilion ran out of food! It was a miracle, and we didn’t have to feel bad throwing it out. Last year we had 3 trays leftover :< And this year we cleaned up earlier and got to go home earlier because of it! MUAHAHAH, it was good.

Once I got home, Thavisha picked up his bag and then after warming up headed to the bus to begin his long journey back home. I played a bit with my Miku wig and then had to do 2 online quizzes, which I pushed back 6 days. Didn’t do so well on them but I really didn’t care anymore by then. Too tired. And oh look, it’s 10:15am! I should blow dry my hair and start getting ready for school :) Meeting with Andrew later for a quick snack at Tim Horton’s I believe~

Oh yes, it is my birthday. Haha. Why must I have night class…



  Nike wrote @

Happy birthday Fushi! 8D

I see that you are trying alternative healing methods. I took a course on Religion and Healing last term, and you should really go with a form of healing that best suits you (whether you BELIEVE that it will work or one that you feel absolutely comfortable with).

It is really important that you believe in it actually taking effect to the healing and curing process.

If you want more information about Alternative Healing or how you can get better physical, spiritually, or both, try sending an email to Professor Rothenburg (, she’s an expert in this field and knows a lot about different healing experiences.

Hope you get better soon! :)

  selinebyron wrote @

Happy Birthday again <3 and thank you for the wonderful weekend :)

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