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Star Wars and Pacific Mall

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So this blob will cover…the past 2 days! I didn’t blob yesterday because I was quite tired and slept early.

Mmm, so Andrew visited me on Monday :3 Got flowers and a card, guess it was a belated Valentine’s day gift :3 Since it was Family Day, hardly anything was open (except Pacific Mall, but you’d have to be crazy to go there because everyone would be there, and my parents confirmed this), so we just decided to chill at my house instead :) Andrew brought the 5th episode of Star Wars so we watched that. And goodness, I didn’t know Obi-Wan was dead :( I thought he actually like…I don’t know, pulled some awesome fake-death-I-sublimated-into-the-air trick in the last episode, so when Andrew told me he actually died and like lives in the Force or whatever, I was like okay, so my favourite human character is dead now, not interested in the series =/ But I watched anyway and it wasn’t bad at all :D Andrew still had to do a lot of explaining and I was actually really surprised when I found out Darth Vader was Luke’s dad. Like, I’ve heard the line numerous times before, but it actually clicked when I saw the scene and I was like OMG NO WAAAAAYYYY O.O Haha, yeah. Um. Yoda annoys me. I pictured him to be more…um…not so hyper. But he calmed down eventually after faking so I guess he’s cool, too. Don’t like him as a puppet but Andrew says he’s all computer animated later on so can’t wait to see that :) Did I mention Darth Vader has a cool ship?

So anyway, after the movie we just chilled in my room, and then Andrew got hungry so I called my parents and after I packed my stuff (I would be hitching a ride with Andrew back to Hamilton for grad photos the next morning at 9:10am >.>) we went to Baton Rouge for dinner :D RIBS OMGGG *w* They have the best ribs rawr. I ate 10 ounces all by myself =w= Though I did leave the yam fries and coleslaw. Good dinner it was :) My parents like embarrassing me in front of Andrew >.>

We finished dinner at around…8pm? And then Andrew and I were on our way back to Hamilton :) We chilled for a bit in my room before he left. And then I slept late because my housemates who didn’t go home for Reading Week were acting like they owned the place again. The next morning was tough, but I managed to get up early enough to shower. The grad photo session itself was like 3 minutes. MAX. Geez, there goes $35. The photographer told me the pictures would arrive in the mail for me in about a month. I’m looking forward to see them, though my grad photos always suck =/

Since I was finished early (Andrew and I had arranged meeting for breakfast at Pancake House for 10am), I browsed through Titles a bit. Got a folder. It was on sale. And then Andrew asked me to check if the History Department was open, so I went and did that and then headed to Pancake House. We got there at around 10:10am, and had a good breakfast :3 I ordered banana pancakes because I thought they sounded magical. And I was right! They are magically delicious, but I couldn’t finish all 3 of them ;_; I ate all the bananas, though?

We left at around 11:15 and and we walked back to the Go station so I could catch the GO bus at 11:45 back to York, where I arranged to get picked up by my mom and then head to Pacific Mall for a wifeys chill date. The bus was late, but arrived early to York because the driver was going fast. I slept on the bus so it felt like a 15 minute ride to me. Had to wait a bit for my mom when I arrived, but that’s okay. Once she picked me up, we went to Pacific Mall :) And my mom hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so we went to my favourite congee place inside Market Village for a quick meal before I met up with my wifeys for 2pm.

Good shopping day it was! We collectively got a lot of things haha! I got new earmuffs, a pair of boots and 2 hair ties. I saw so many bunny-related things argggggg they knew I was coming D< But the boots were like $46 so I didn’t want to spend anymore after that. We went to the food court for some nomz at around…4:50ish, and I got my usual beef teriyaki. Sarah had to leave early to catch a bus to be back home in time for dinner with her parents, though :( Once Christianne, Michelle and I finished nomming, Christianne went to the bus stop and Michelle and I got picked up by her mom. We then went to pick up Michelle’s brother and his friend after their swimming practice so I got home at around…either 7:30 or 8 haha! I was tired. My didn’t take out my contacts from the day before, so they were in my eyes for a good 38 hours. ANYWAY. Had a quick dinner with my parents, and I hopped into bed early before I went insane over my itching (yes, I know it’s been 2 months)

And now it’s 10:30am! My mom JUST booked an appointment with my family doctor (for the 78238234th time) because of the itching. Honestly, it went from a mixed bacteria swab to a yeast swab and now back to a mixed bacteria swab. Nothing is making them go away. I hate this. The itching can only be controlled when I take antihistamines, but obviously I don’t want to be on that for life. Oh goodness this is leading to another rant. I must stop. I have another hospital appointment at 3pm at Sunnybrook for my skin condition. I really need to be assertive this time and ask questions about when I can actually get off my stupid steroids and stuff. They’ve really driven me insane and a bit unstable emotionally.

Alright, gonna hop in the shower~ My hair’s defying gravity again. I shall TRY to work on my climate proxy paper later today. Sigh.


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