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Stressful Week

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Stressful week is stressful. And my allergic reaction to Canesten is not improving my mood. I cannot wait to cry in front of my family doctor on Saturday. I feel helpless.

On a brighter note, I have so much work to do. MJC’s Origami Night was yesterday and it turned out surprisingly well~ We had Amy teaching the members how to fold roses, and the few of us who knew how to make them already were tanking them away in a corner. We needed to make a lot because we want to fundraise during Valentine’s Day so we’ll have enough money to have a matsuri in March :)

Mmmm…I also managed to tank a precis and critical evaluation with Danny the night before it was due! Now all I have left for the week is…finish a stupid MATLAB assignment (it’s due tomorrow, but yesterday our class got kicked out of our lab slot because our prof forgot to book the computer labs for us, and we need the computers with the program in it, so I’m expecting an extension OR ELSE I AM SCREWED BEYOND BELIEF), finish an online quiz, study for 2 back to back midterms (night class and then 8:30 the next morning EAT ME), think of 3 topics for a paper, research and prepare for in-class debate, decide on a good thesis statement for another 8 page paper (THIS IS A FIRST YEAR COURSE), fold 28376823 more origami roses to sell for Valentine’s Day, bake 83782638 cakes for Maid Cafe ALL BEFORE FEBRUARY 15 :D! I AM NOT AN ENGINEER. I CANNOT ADJUST THE SPACE-TIME GRID. *feeds self to passing black hole*

Today was productive I guess. I have Thursdays off, and I had planned this day for tanking MATLAB with Danny and several other people, but like I mentioned, I think most of the class expects an extension, so I started studying for one of my midterms (this one’s on Tuesday) because I have NO TIME during the weekend due to going back to Markham, and then coming back to bake cakes. And I have a midterm Monday night as well.

So my latest problem (besides my 9-month old skin problem and few weeks old yeast infection) is in relation to my scalp. I think it’s the same thing as the spots on the rest of my body…only these ones actually BLEED. Omg, it’s a miracle! It bleeds and waters, and it crusts over in digusting patches. It’s not itchy, but I scratch them because IT’S SO DISGUSTING AND I WANT TO PEEL IT OFF MY HEAD. I’m going to ask my doctor about it also on Saturday, along with what to do with my yeast infection as I’m allergic to the medicine she gave me.

Ahhh health problems, why you no leave me alone?

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  selinebyron wrote @

It’ll get better! Keep your chin up! Once next wednesday passes, it’s smooth sailing yes? =) And then you get a break for a bit.

As for health… you will get better. I’m sure of it >< Just hold on!

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