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Charity Ball 2011

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Well. Thank you, Andrew, for reminding me to make a blob (yes, blob) about yesterday! And without further ado, I shall now blob.

Charity Ball was yesterday :) It was actually a lot better than a expected. I had purchased Andrew’s and my ticket back in the middle of December because the ticket prices were cheaper. Got ours (and my wifeys got theirs as well!) for $30 :D! The price increased to $40 after Christmas. I thought $30 was an awesome deal to go to a formal that included dinner and a shuttle bus, but as the weeks flew by, the Facebook page kept updating and the dinner became frequently served appetizers and no shuttle bus was mentioned at all. The time also kept changing. Initially the start time was 5pm, then 8pm, and then 8:30pm (the time on our tickets).

Anyway, good times were had :) I wore the dress I wore to Yule Ball because I couldn’t find a decent red dress for a decent price. No biggie, Andrew still somewhat matched me =P So after my class ended early on Friday afternoon, I went home, hopped onto FB, and then after realizing I was running late, I showered and quickly got ready. I met up with Sarah at around 6:15 and she went to get a quick meal (we were expecting not much food later that night) and then we proceeded to Christianne’s place. We got ready pretty fast actually, compared to Yule Ball haha, and I believe Andrew showed up at 7:30ish o.o? Michelle was running a bit late because James was having trouble picking his shirt haha! Geez, James, all you have to do is wear the same colour as Michelle =P She already did all the work.

We were finally ready to leave at around 8:10, and we called a cab and made it to the ball 5 minutes early! They wouldn’t even let us in yet haha. Once we got in though, they threw out my unopened water bottle ;_; And we all had to wear stupid blue wrist bands -_- Sarah and Michelle forgot to bring ID, so they got ugly red “X” marks on the back of their hands as well as bright neon yellow bands on each wrist. It’s like they’re being punished for crime or something…

BUT YES. Um, the place was decently big. There was even a room to get your fortune told and a silent auction, which was similar to the ones I sometimes help my mom manage when we get asked to go to galas. The main big room/dining hall place was…actually bigger than what I anticipated. The only complaint I have is that the music in there was way too loud =/ We found a quieter room with jazzy music haha. That was nice :3 I also fail-danced with Andrew for a bit. Oh yes, and James tried his hand at Black Jack! He actually won enough to be entered into a raffle and got a $10 coupon to Union Market. And I believe 2 coupons for a free Willy Dog! I spent the majority of the night was spent anticipating food (which actually wasn’t bad! HOT FOOD YES, and yummy salad plates) and taking pictures hehe.

So yep, all in all it was a good night :) We waited until around midnight before leaving because Michelle was waiting until the last minute to place a bid on an Ipod Nano for James, but the dude took the slip of paper away without a warning -_- After that, took a few more pictures and then we called a cab back to Christianne’s place. I picked up my boots and shirt and then Andrew drove me back to my house :)

I woke up the next day (today) way too early to catch what I thought was a 9:30am but to York (the 47, and I was going to get off at Square One because my parents wanted to pick me up there) but when I got to the station at 9:20, I saw the sign with all the times and it said the bus was coming at 9:40. No biggie, I walked back to the Student Centre to attempt to find a spoon so I could eat my yoghurt on the bus, but of course NOTHING IS OPEN ON SATURDAY (I had already checked Keyes’ too, and it wasn’t open) except for Commons (now Centro) and I walked back. I think I missed the bus or something, because I arrived at 9:32, and then there was still no bus at 9:45 :( But then I bumped into a nice girl and she had the mini schedule slip thing, and the next bus that goes directly to Square One was at 9:50, and I took that one instead. Arrived 15 minutes earlier and parents picked me up, then quickly ate something before my doctor’s appointment at 11:45~ And heard good news from the doctor.

Mmm, I’m going to shower now. I’m sweaty and covered with herbal oils from my acupunture/massage/stone sauna thing.


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