When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Problem After Problem

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I found out today I have a small yeast infection -_- Not surprising because I was on a crap ton of antibiotics and I think it killed all the good bacteria, if that makes any sense, and this led to an overgrowth of yeast. Wow, TMI. But yeah, I know my ranting is stupid because apparently yeast infections are common and they’re easily treated (according to my friends). But for me…I don’t think I’ll get better any time soon because I…am scared…of applying the cream. At the area and stuff. I’ll leave it at that.

Depressing day. I slept in because the antihistamines I took the night before really knocked me out. I missed my 11:30 class (yeah, it’s not even early!) and then was feeling blah because I felt ashamed. I also forgot I had to do an online quiz for my night class. Sigh. Not in the mood for Charity Ball on Friday.

On a brighter note, I learned how to make origami roses from Amy~ It’s not hard at all haha, just a lot of folds, but the folds are simple. Why did I ask Amy to teach me? Because MJC is having an origami night next Wednesday and we want to make lots of origami roses to sell during Valentine’s Day hehe~ Not sure if we’ll sell any, but the idea was nice.

Hmmm. I’m bleeding on my scalp again. UGHHH problem after problem. Indubitably. Why do they just keep popping up outta nowhere? It’s so hard to be normal around people. I just feel like crawling in my bed and never coming out.

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  selinebyron wrote @

If you never came out again, I’d be a very sad panda D:!!

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