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Star Wars Episode 4

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Woot a post 2 days late. And yep, I can’t believe I watched it. After 21 years of living, and Andrew letting me choose between 3 movie choices, I picked to watch the 4th Star Wars movie (something about the movies being out of order) at his house. I’m not sure why I was always against watching it. I guess it was because it was quite popular and I felt the need to be different. That, and every person I talked to about Star Wars told me variations of me living under a rock or having a deprived childhood.

Not going to lie, though. Star Wars wasn’t bad at all XD! Of course, Andrew had to pause the movie a few times and explain to me what was happening because I’m just really slow. I always felt that they’d have really cheesy scenery and horrible effects because it was made quite some time ago, but I’m glad I was proven wrong XD! My favourite character (so far) is Obi-Wan Kenobi o.o He’s like a ninja…walking around and knowing he’s so boss, but at the same time he’s humble, too. It’s awesome. And R2-D2 is adorable :3 I might be biased because I’ve seen R2-D2 robots at various anime conventions. He reminds me of Wall-E haha XD!

So, I have today off. I slept early last night (like 10pm?!) because of my 8:30 class this morning but kept waking up either because of the heat or someone slamming the main door or tap-dancing up the stairs or singing opera in the kitchen…you get the point. I really should be doing my readings and work but I’m quite tired. My throat also feels funny. NOOOOO I DON’T WANT TO GET SICK ;_; I have a doctors’ appointment on Thursday…maybe I’ll mention that along with other things.

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