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Beauty and the Beast

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IN 3D! Yep, the classic Disney movie XD! I went to watch it yesterday with Andrew :3 There was some unfortunate mistake with the giftcards, though :( As for the movie, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would because I couldn’t remember most of it hehe. Did it have to be in 3D? Hmm…I’m not sure. Some parts looked really nice in 3D, especially the beginning part and the ball room dance sequence, but other than that, the movie would have been fine in normal 2D. I also picked up on more of the dialogue than I did as a kid and realized the dialogue is quite clever. Of course the best part part of the movie was the songs. The romantic ones ;) I was also pleasantly surprised with the short clip for Tangled Ever After. I had no idea I’d see it haha, was quite very well done :)

After the movie, Andrew and I went to eat at Kelsey’s because he had another gift card :D I ordered from the kid’s menu because I wasn’t that hungry, and once dinner was done we went back to Andrew’s house and I slept over~ Speaking of sleeping over, my house was flooding the night before last night. Apparently the private washroom upstairs flooded first, and then it went into our living room (there was a nasty yellow waterfall in our living room from the ceiling onto the floor) and then it went into the basement @.@! It was pretty serious, and I’m pretty sure the only reason the landlords came even though it was 4:30am was because one of my housemate’s mother was staying over, and I think she was constantly calling him. He managed to stop the main water valve (it was stuck and wouldn’t budge D:) and then they vacuumed the water. The plumber came by in the morning and the water was fixed, but for some reason our heater or something wasn’t working, and the house was freezing D: And that’s when Andrew came to save me and we went to the theatre haha XD!

AND DID MENTION I HAVE TODAY FREE? YAYYYYYY! *procrastinates and avoids work*

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