When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Happy New Year

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Late much?

Hmm, recounting time. Andrew came over on the 31st at around 6:30pm~ After chilling a bit, we went to watch Sherlock Holmes at 7:20 :) Good movie! And this is coming from me, who didn’t understand what was happening and who was after who. I had trouble telling the characters apart, and I think Andrew was really annoyed with my questions during the movie haha, but still, awesome movie :) Once that was done, we went back to my house for my family’s annual party. They had already eaten while we were movie-ing, so we just sat at a table in the corner and nommed what was left over haha.

The countdown itself was pretty boring. Just watched the television screen. I really don’t think a new year is that big of a deal, but oh well~   After that, my parents’ friends played couple trivia games o.o Basically each couple had to stand on this large sheet of paper, and if you get a question right, you can tell another team to fold their paper in half. The point of the game is the couple has to keep inside the paper at all times. I dragged Andrew to play, but he couldn’t answer anything because it was all in Chinese haha, and I couldn’t translate a lot of stuff. But somehow we won (beat all the old Asian people muahah!) because I think everyone forgot about us and no one really expected us to win =P

After that it was time to sleep o.o Andrew slept over in the guest room in his sleeping bag :) Apparently he was up early o.o I woke up at around 8:30 and went down to eat my daily steroids. A bunch of my friends (Michelle, Sarah, Aarathi, Whitney, Thavisha, Sari, and Thomas) were coming over later, so Andrew and I just chilled in my room. Kinda ended up being really emotional, and poor Andrew had to deal with it. I cheered up a bit when Sarah and Aarathi arrived. We played Apples to Apples until everyone showed up. We played for about 4 hours because Sari arrived late. He walked from Steely(?) all the way to my house O_O Apparently it took him 1.5 hours @.@! After Apples to Apples, we then played on Michelle’s Wii :) Mario Kart is so hard but so fun haha! And fencing on Wii is so tiring D: I didn’t know what I was doing, but I somehow won a few rounds haha XD! And everyone was very confused with archery. Fun times, indubitably ^^

Thomas and Sari then had to leave with Andrew at around 9:30 because he was driving them back. Then Michelle left with Thavisha, taking the Wii with her D: After that, Whitney, Sarah, Aarathi and I played Apples to Apples again because Whitney never played it before. It’s such a hilarious game haha. I think it and Taboo are my favourites :) A few rounds in, Whitney had to go :( It was around 11:15 I think, and then since Sarah and Aarathi were sleeping over, we started to get ready for bed. Ended up talking until like…1 in the morning haha XD! Sleepovers are so fun :) They left at around 9:15 this morning when Sarah’s dad came to pick both of them up.

And I have just come back from another acupuncture and force sweating session. I also had a full body massage today with herbal medicine and oils. Felt very nice and painful at the same time because of the open wounds on my body. Oh goodness, it’s past 2:30, I should probably pack and head to Hamilton soon. I am very much annoyed that school is starting tomorrow grrr D<!

And Happy New Year, everyone :)


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