When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

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Well. Just failed my first exam. It was horrible. 60% of my mark and out of 60. Wonderful. Big sigh. I tried my best. I really hope the prof bell-curves everyone :(

Mmm…went over to Andrew’s last night (haha, instead of studying! But honestly, no amount of studying would have prepared me for that exam) and watched the final episode of Amazing Race! OUR TEAM WON YAYYYY! We were cheering for Ernie and Cindy from the beginning :) I’m so happy for them hehe ^^ I also expected the show to be 2 hours long but it was on an hour, so after that we also managed to catch Bruce Almighty! Missed the beginning 10 minutes but it was still awesome haha! I didn’t know the movie was so funny. I had heard of the movie from years ago but the title didn’t really draw me in. And how horribly wrong I was 8D! I wouldn’t mind seeing it again haha~

Just chilling and listening to the Backstreet Boys right now. Totally in nostalgia mode. I never realized how sappy their songs were haha, and I know the lyrics, too, how does that work? O_o Then again I listened to them when I was really little and I never paid attention to what I was singing haha.

Hmm, would be nice if Andrew sang me a romantic song…haha 8D!


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