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Sick BunBun

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On Saturday night, I saw BunBun acting a little funny. She suddenly had a mild seizure in her arm or something, and she couldn’t hold her head up and kept slipping. I was really worried and my mom started to freak out. Apparently she’s been acting “funny” all week, according to my dad, with her not eating and not being as energetic. I called the vet that we usually take BunBun and Wiz to, and they gave me a number to another emergency hospital. I called that one, which directed me to another one because the doctor specializing in rabbits wasn’t in. At around 1:30am, my parents and I drove BunBun to an emergency hospital. She was very stressed out from the car ride, and I knew BunBun was…to put it honestly, nearing her time.

When we got to the hospital, the technician gave BunBun some oxygen, which apparently was a tube that blows air into her face. After a while, she seemed to calm down, and then the doctor examined BunBun more carefully. He checked her breathing with a stethoscope, took her temperature (through her bum ;_;) and was concerned that she had pneumonia when I explained that she was having trouble holding her head up and she didn’t have an appetite. He then gave BunBun a needle and gave us medicine for which we had to administer to BunBun with a syringe and basically squirt the liquid into her mouth to force her to swallow. He also reccommended we make an appointment back at our regular vet to make sure BunBun was alright.

Today, or, yesterday, a few hours ago, my mom gave me a call and said BunBun had to be euthanized. I was eating yoghurt and I had JUST finished looking at pictures of her on my computer. It was so ironic. My parents were at our regular vet, and the vet did an X-ray for BunBun and her lungs were apparently full of white things. My mom described them as “fluffy and cotton-like”. She was sobbing and didn’t know what to do. The vet wanted to euthanize her right then because BunBun would be in a lot of pain if we didn’t put her down, but I told my parents I didn’t want to, because I wanted to see BunBun one last time. I don’t know what’s going to happen with BunBun, because I know my mom doesn’t want her to be put down either.

I’m going home tomorrow after I hand in one of my assignments. My mom’s going to pick me up at 11:30am, and I think I’m going to head home and see BunBun for the last time. I feel so depressed. I’ve had BunBun since November of grade 7. I’m going to miss her so much. I regret not spending more time with her and playing with her. Earlier this year I remember telling myself every time I went back home that I would take many pictures with BunBun and hug her lots until I got sick of her, but I never did. I was always too busy, or so I thought. My mom would tell me that BunBun stares at me as I walk past her cage, looking like she wants to be petted. I pet her occasionally and feed her and take videos, but I don’t really hold or snuggle with her anymore because I get itchy red patches on my skin. Not sure when I developed allergies towards her.

Either way, this is a position I’ve never been in before. This year was just full of first-time situations for me. It’s tough, and my dad was sobbing too when he called me saying he was going to take BunBun home from the vet now. I feel horrible and selfish for not letting the vet euthanize BunBun right then. It’s funny. My 2 friends recently had their pet dogs euthanized, and my other friend had to write a paper on euthanasia. I just think this is the worst possible time for this to happen to my bunny. I have so much work to do this week. I really want to spend the rest of the week at home with her, but I have 3 assignments due. Ugh. Why do unfortunate things happen all at once?

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  selinebyron wrote @

Oh Fushi, I’m so sorry :( This year has been full of unfortunate things, I’m so sorry you have to go through so much. Be strong, and always remember that BunBun loves you so much. Even if she’s no longer in this world, she’ll still be in your heart so she’s never going to truly be gone.

I’m here for you if you need anything. *hug*

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