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Yule Ball 2011

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Ahhh, darn an hour late. Oh wellz~

Today, or rather, yesterday, I went to McMaster’s Yule Ball with my wifeys <3 It was hosted by the McMaster Quidditch Team and the Harry Potter Club. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that great, but that was mainly because they didn’t have enough seats for everyone, and we went late =P Dressing up and getting make up put on me took a lot longer than expected XD!

Anyway, my wifeys and I were supposed to meet up at Christianne’s place at 2 to chill and cam-whore and dress up together, but Michelle had to finish an outline for her essay and Sarah had to cram or do some work, so that didn’t work out :( So I decided to cut my bangs. WORST DECISION EVER. THEY’RE SO STUPID AND SHORT NOW UGH. I was so sad ;_; I hope they grow out soon T_T I then went over to Christianne’s at 4 and we ordered very meat-y pizza 8D! I then proceeded to curl my hair with a straightener. I had practiced the night before and styled my hair, so I knew what I wanted, and thought it wouldn’t take long. How wrong I was indubitably. Curling hair with a flat iron is so difficult >< Well, for me anyway. Or maybe my hair is retarded. But that can’t be, because Christianne did a few strands for me and they turned out really nicely. I just need practice I guess.

After that, Michelle and Sarah arrived at around 6:15, and then Christianne did my make up for me >w< She taught me how to use an eyelash curler…THEY’RE SO SCARY OH MY GOODNESS NEVER AGAIN HAHAHA. But even after my eyelashes were curled…my eyes looked the same :( Darn me and my thin and sparse eyelashes >.> And I don’t think mascara is really for me. But eyeliner makes a huge difference…once Christianne lined my eyes…holy smokes my eyes were huge. I looked like this –> OuO I don’t know how she put up with me because I was constantly blinking since I was nervous of the eyeliner pencil haha, but she did!

Mmmm after we were all ready, of course, we had to take a bunch of photos =P And we did just that. We left Christianne’s house at around 7:50, but that’s alright, because she’s right beside the Student Centre, where the ball was being held. We thought it would be fine to be 55 minutes late, but apparently we were wrong. There were no seats left. And no food left D: Apparently there was no dinner, which was what I expected. Oh well. Though, food did arrive later on when I think people were complaining about being hungry. I think the organizers went to Fortino’s or something for vegetable platters and chicken and fries and stuff.

The overall organization of the event was not bad. They had many things planned and the decorations were creative. They had a Sorting Hat at a corner, some brooms at another, Wizard’s Chess at another corner, a Christmas tree, and yeah, they didn’t fail with that. The only thing they failed at was providing enough seats. I mean, if you sold 300 tickets…you should have at least 300 seats.

At around 10 my wifeys went out and camwhored like mad =P Hahaha, took so many photos haha but it was fun XD! I can’t wait until Michelle uploads them. They were mainly taken on her DSLR <3 Okie dokes, I have to go shower. I have so much hairspray in my hair because Christianne said the curls would hold better. And they do! But I’m not sleeping with hairspray on =P Ahhh, lots to do tomorrow! Must go to Dollarama with my wifeys to buy things for MJC’s gameshow, meet up with JISA from York, and actually have a rehearsal for the gameshow. Busy busy!


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