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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE <3 XD! I hope you had an awesome day and that you enjoyed your wifey time yesterday XD!

And yep, late blog, but yesterday I went with my wifeys to Lime Ridge to go dress shopping for the Yule Ball on Saturday. Unfortunately, there were either no nice dresses or the dresses were extremely pretty but way pricey =/ So none of us bought any dresses 8D! I did manage to snag a nice blazer 8D! And a few other things…and I had to get a new pair of red tights for MJC’s Game Show (shall reveal reason in a later entry) because I ripped the pair I had earlier that day T_T They were a nice comfy pair, too :( Oh well…sigh. After Limeridge, we went to have dinner at Harvest Moon :) It’s a Chinese Restaurant near Jackson’s Square, and to be honest, my first thoughts were it would have really bad food and be shady…but it turns out I was very wrong! The food was surprisingly good, wouldn’t mind going again ^^ After dinner, I went back to school and brought Andrew his dinner (leftovers from Harvest Moon 8D!) and managed to see the final break dance battle between McMaster and York University! It was very awesome haha, wish Danny had been there, though! York won 1st place and they received a $500 gift certificate from Booster Juice who was their sponsor XD It was really neat :)

Mmm, today I didn’t do anything. I did go over for dinner at Andrew’s house, though. Ate a lot, it was very delicious =w= Then watched an episode of Amazing Race that I had missed on his laptop, and then the latest one at 8. I’ve almost caught up D< Only one more episode to go! Today’s episode was very awesome…one of the tasks was to LEAD BUNNIES TO HOP OVER OBSTACLES. OMG. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Ughhhh they looked sooooo cute and fluffy >w< I wanted to reach into the screen and take them all home with me TuT!

Anyway. It’s gonna be a busy week. Tomorrow is endless baking at Sarah’s house for MJC’s bake sale on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I have my appointment back at Sunnybrook hospital. I also still have to make a PowerPoint presentation with Danny for Friday, and then read like 2837682783 articles for it because we don’t know what we’re doing and it’s a 15 presentation with questions and discussions and stuff. Blah, I hate that course. It was the only course I was looking forward to. Then after Friday, I’m going to the Yule Ball with my wifeys on Saturday! I’m excited hehe XD I wonder if I can get my dress from back home on Wednesday, though…since I think I’m going straight back to Hamilton after my appointment. Not even sure if I should wear a dress…I’m still self conscious about my left arm with all the scarring.

I can’t wait until this week’s over. But even then there’s still so much to do >< 1 more assignment for Hydrological Modelling (which is going to eat my behind like the last one), a letter for my Environmental Assessment course worth 30%, my 4B03 test worth 30% + the lab, and of course, all the MJC stuff like sushi night and then game show. OH MY GOODNESS THE GAME SHOW. I hope it’s a big success and not a flop. It’s our first time doing it and we have so many things planned but so little time @.@! And somewhere in between all that…I have to make something.

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