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MJC’s Halloween Party + Joint Clubbing Event

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I am sooooo tired. I didn’t even get home too late last night >.> Anyway, yesterday MJC held its annual Halloween party and potluck ^^ It wasn’t as fun as I expected because we had to be really quiet, as a midterm was being written in the classroom next to us >< So we couldn’t sing karaoke or play any games :( The room was also quiet small, and all the “tables” were actually really old wooden flip desks…that was really weird. Oh well, I’m glad people still had fun :) I was Umbreon this year XD! AND I HAD GLOW IN THE DARK PATCHES ON ME YEAHHHHH CUZ UMBREON CAN GLOW IN THE DARK. Anyway, yeah, pretty awesome :3 I need to take good photos of my costume, though…you can hardly see my tail in the pictures I took. Andrew dressed up as Professor Oak haha 8D! That was interesting. He then changed into a butler outfit halfway. Speaking of pictures, I spent like 2 hours tagging people on Facebook and the tags didn’t save -_- Grrr D<!

After the party, we quickly tidied up and I headed to James’ house with Andrew, Michelle, Christianne and Thomas to get ready to go clubbing at Viva Nightclub~ I wore a police outfit that Michelle got for me on E-bay XD! I left earlier to the club with Christianne, Thomas and Andrew, who was driving and we got there at around 10:45. It was so cold D: But that’s to be expected. Clubbing was alright, it wasn’t too hot in there and it was really bright and blue, which I enjoyed~ I also forgot to bring my MJC card to get $2 back at the door D< I should have just told them I was an executive -_- But yeah, not many people were at clubbing, which I didn’t mind =P I left with Andrew at around 1~

Oh dear, it’s time for class~ My friends and I are planning on going late to our only class on Monday. I’m going to run in as Umbreon and Jaclyn’s going to be dressed up as Ash, and she’s going to chase me around the lecture hall 8D! I hope we don’t get in trouble >W<!



  Nike wrote @

Umm…. I don’t think it’s a good idea to run in late and disturb the class when the prof is in the middle of giving a lecture.

Maybe it would be fine if it was right at the beginning 4:30ish.

But that’s just my opinion, you could try it (coming in late and stuff). However, unless it is an important annoucement or for charity, I would toss that idea away….

  blobsofdoom wrote @

We actually asked the prof and she was fine with it as long as we weren’t throwing anything at her 8D!

  xdreamzangelx wrote @

THATS SUCH A CUTE IDEA =D have tons of fuun xD

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