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Baking for Maid Cafe Part II

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Ahhhh, I’m back at my depressing room. Sleeping over at Sarah’s was a nice change. Got to sleep in silence, a rare thing at my house.

Anyway, day 2 of cake making was today X3 We were definitely a lot more productive, and Christianne came today also to help ^^ It was very fun blasting 70’s music and then Disney songs haha XD! We be classy people 8D! We’re pretty much done all the cakes, and the only thing left now is to make the caramel for the caramel-coffee cake, the ganache for the decadent chocolate cake, and assemble the strawberry shortcakes together, which will all be done on Tuesday, the day before our Maid Cafe @.@ And once that is done, I have to take pictures of the final products to make the menus haha 8D! It will be a tight schedule.

Speaking of making menus and promoting our Maid Cafe, Underground gave us so much trouble with printing our posters this year -_- Michelle and I actually had to go speak with the Human Rights office because our poster was too offensive. Yes, we have drawings of maids on our posters. Apparently this is offensive because girls shouldn’t be dressed in maid outfits. The drawings of the maids have their knees bent. Apparently this is offensive because it shows inequality with men. The drawings of the maids have short skirts on. Apparently this is offensive because it’s too provocative. On our poster, we have the words “Feel free to come whenever you want”. Apparently this is offensive because it’s too sexual. Holy cow. Honestly? Are you friggen kidding me? Like, I’M offended because YOU’RE offended. So girls have to be dressed in a certain way to be put on a poster? At least I didn’t use a picture of a REAL maid. Wow, I wonder what would have happened? Or maybe I should have used a picture of myself and said I didn’t have a problem with it. When I heard all this I seriously wanted to flip a table. Have you seen the other posters around the school promoting various clubbing events? Clearly not. Geez. I swear they only do this to MJC. Everyone hates us because we’re too awesome. But yeah, Michelle and I didn’t argue back. We did say a bunch of stuff to ourselves AFTER, but yeah, just didn’t want to draw unwanted attention. Going to go print the altered poster tomorrow. I put a picture of Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura on it. And it’s only showing her upper body to avoid anymore “too much leg” issues. We’re only getting 3 days, not even 3 days, to promote this year :( Oh well.

Ugh, rant done. Mmm…I’m hungry. I’m excited for the Maid Cafe ^^ I hope more people come this year! We made 12 cakes last year and ran out before the end, so we made 15 this year. We’re going to have 5 types of cake:

– Strawberry Shortcake
– Decadent Chocolate Cake
– Apple Crumble
– Caramel Coffee Cake
– Green Tea Cheesecake

Ahhhh they all smelled so delicious ;_; It was so hard not to eat the cakes when we were baking them. We did have 2 failed layers of the shortcake, so we ate that =P Haha XD! Mmm…alright, blog post be long enough~ Ugh, not looking forward to studying and working on a very difficult hydrologic modelling lab tomorrow T_T



  selinebyron wrote @

Tsk. The HR office can go suck a thousand lemons until their faces shrivel up D<

I can't wait to see you and taste the cakes of your labour :D I'm sure it'll be delish!

  Nike wrote @

Maybe the Human Rights people don’t want women in maid outfits on the posters, instead they want men in maid outfits!!! XD

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