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MSU Night Market + Origami Night

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MSU Night Market my BUTT. It was hardly MSU. That was such a waste of time and money. What am I talking about? The Night Market on Tuesday at McMaster. Crappy planning, crappy communication, crappy everything. MJC was the only table placed beside the smoking area. What. Like directly downwind. After complaining with Andrew, we managed to move the table, but still, the whole event was so dumb. We didn’t know we weren’t supposed to charge people, how on earth would we make back the $30 we paid for the 2 tables? We had a lot of games planned, but since we were outside and we feared it would rain, we couldn’t really place our yukatas and happis on display for people to try on. Essentially all we had was the raffle, our guessing game and bookmarks to write peoples’ names on in Japanese. There were also no signs saying that the MSU clubs were all placed OUTSIDE in the cold and humidity (that is gross) with limited light while all the vendors were inside the Student Centre. Andrew wrote a complaint and I believe he’s going to send it to the person in charge of the Night Market thing soon.

Mmmm, on a brighter note, MJC’s Origami Night was yesterday~ It was fun hehe, good turn out. Michelle and I taught the beginners how to make cranes, and Jimmy was teaching people who knew basic origami how to make roses. I still need to do that, learn how to make origami roses. Michelle and I also surprised Andrew with a yellow cupcake as it was his birthday yesterday XD And Michelle drew a fake candle on a coffee stirring stick haha 8D We’re so awesome.

Hmm, MJC’s long-awaited Maid Café is next week! The execs will be baking over at Sarah’s place this weekend. We’re making 15 cakes @.@ It’s going to be busy haha, but fun XD I’m just really screwed because I have a midterm and an assignment due the day after the Maid Café >.> And another midterm on the Saturday. And I will have NO TIME because I’ll be in a maid outfit promoting Monday through Wednesday in the Student Centre D: I hope we don’t get funny looks and lewd comments this time -_- People are so rude.

ANYWAY. I have a large forehead.


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  selinebyron wrote @

I CAAN’T WAIT FOR MAID CAAFEEEE! I have a midterm too the next day 8D

Don’t let the people get to you though, they’re just jealous. =)

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