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Sauna + New Glasses + Thanksgiving Weekend

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Those of you who know me well know I’m really bad with the heat. I’d much rather be cold than hot. My reasoning is if I’m cold, I can always just wear more layers, but if I’m hot, it’s not like I can’t peel my skin off or something.

Anyway, I went back to the Chinese lady doctor today to “force sweat out” o.o Basically I was told to strip (kept my underwear on haha 8D!) and lie on a bed and then I was wrapped up in blankets and towels. The bed or mat or whatever I was on heated up and yeah, it was crazy hot >< Sauna on a bed yay. Oh yes, and once again I had 2 needles on my forehead, but they don’t really hurt. The cooking only lasted half an hour (yes I shall refer to it as myself getting cooked), but I was sweating sooooo badly. After the half hour, the blankets were removed and I was left lying down with a towel on me to cool off, BUT FOR SOME REASON I WAS STILL SWEATING BUCKETS. And then I dozed off. I believe I was in the room for an hour and a half or so because I arrived at 4:45ish, and it was like 6:20 when I walked out.

The experience? I think I have to do it again. Apparently it’s good for me because I’m sweating all the toxins out of my body >.> I’d much rather be biking and sweating from that instead of lying on a bed in an oven, though.

What’s new? I got new glasses on Wednesday :) They’re purple and fade to a clear/blue on the bottom depending on the light. It’s a big change from my previous glasses. I went from thin and half-framed to full thick frames. They make me look smarter and more alive haha. Still trying to get used to it.

What else happened on Wednesday? I went back to Sunnybrook for my appointment with the doctor. Got a new schedule for my steroid consumption. I’m to eat 50mg of Prednisone for a week, and then 45mg the next week, and then 40mg, etc etc until my appointment in November. I also got Fucidin and Clobetasol again, but this time in ointment form instead of cream based. The doctor thinks I’m allergic to the creams or something. I just think he doesn’t know what what he’s doing. Sigh, medicine is so expensive :( Oh right, I sneaked a peek at the biopsy results before the doctor came to see me. I couldn’t type all of it, though, so I just typed select sentences:

“(insert paragraph of uncomprehensible scientific terms) Dermis reveals a mild, superficial, perivascular and interstitial mixed inflammatory infiltrate which includes numerous admixed eosinophilis. Neutrophilic infiltration and mild spongiosis primarily affecting the infundibular and upper isthmic regions. Folliculitis with overlying postule and dermal mixed infiltrate which includes numerous eosinophilis. No acantholysis. (insert more paragraphs of uncomprehensible scientific terms).”

ANYWAY. It’s the long weekend. I’m back home and totally avoiding work. I’m also hungry. I should do something about that. No extravagant turkey since I can’t eat chicken/birds. Sudden craving for buttered corn…@.@



  robostrike wrote @

Glad you’re not giving up! ^_^ Keep it up and you’ll be free in no time.

  selinebyron wrote @

On the plus (maybe?) side of this, you get to experience many different types of treatments/therapies. It may not be fun always, but at least you’re experiencing a heckuva lot more things than some people do. It’d make for an interesting story to say when you get better (and yess I am 1000000% sure that you will be healthy again soon!).

<3<3 Keep at it!

PS Your new glasses are super cute :D

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