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Sushi Night with MJC

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Yesterday was MJC’s largest sushi event ever ._. Michelle booked for 46 people haha, that’s insane. Normally we have around 35 or so, but I’m not complaining X3 To be honest, though, I wasn’t really looking forward to sushi night because of all my food restrictions. I can’t eat spicy foods, fried foods, seafood, eggs, soy, tofu, onion, garlic, dairy foods, and things that are too sweet. So essentially I’m a rabbit, eating fruits, vegetables, rice and bread. And mushrooms. At the sushi dinner, I basically ate vegetarian udon and noodles, cucumber and avocado rolls, garlic with broccoli (though I’m not supposed to have garlic ><) and seaweed salad :< I had to skip out on ice cream and tiramisu, too ;_; I miss stuffing my face with chicken teriyaki, beef skewers and tenpura T_T I started crying while eating my udon. I felt so pathetic. I don’t think many people saw, though, so that’s good.

Oh yes, I’ve brought the dosage of Prednisone back up to 50mg. I suggested it to my doctor out of misery and he said to give it a try for 3 days and then right back down to 25mg. I know this is pretty bad, but I’m getting pretty desperate here. Did I mention I’m catching a cold? Actually I’m not sure if it’s the cold or the flu. I hope it’s not the flu. I’ve been having a stuffy nose and sore throat. It hurts to cough. Sometimes it’s a very “deep” cough and my back starts to hurt >.>


  selinebyron wrote @

Aww Fushiko >.< This is so unfair ;__;


  xdreamzangelx wrote @

don’t worry. when i get back u will be all better and we’ll stuff our faces with the best food everrrr <3

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