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Princess Bride + Midnight in Paris

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It’s hot, and as I’m trying to cool down in my room, I shall talk about the past few days since I’ve been neglecting this blog.

I saw Princess Bride with Andrew on Sunday. He told me it was similar to Stardust so I was expecting a cute romantic comedy. And yes, that’s what I got haha 8D I didn’t know Princess Bride was a really old movie, I thought it came out like 2 years ago or something and was surprised when Andrew bought it. Oh whatever. It actually had some scenes in it that scared me a little bit, like the fencing…why am I such a chicken whenever weapons swords or guns are involved D: But still, I enjoyed it. It had a lot of sweet lines in the script TEEHEE. And everyone knows I like that stuff 8D

Andrew invited me to watch Midnight in Paris last night with him. We almost didn’t make it because we had trouble finding parking. When he showed me the trailer, I thought it would be one of those relationship movies where partners get swapped, people sleep around, and R-rated things happen in hotels and what not, but thank goodness it wasn’t like that =P The movie was confusing but at the same time entertaining. Throughout the majority of the movie I had no idea what was happening, and I had to keep asking Andrew things, but then it sort of made sense at the end haha XD I would have been less confused and probably more enthusiastic if I was a History/English major, but alas, I am not, nor do I mind =P I really enjoyed the scenery more than anything haha, since it took place in Paris…and everyone knows I want to go to Paris D: And Japan. Had to bring Japan in here somehow. After the movie we stopped by a Tim Hortons and I discovered their lovely Ham and Swiss Sandwich =w= Which would have been lovelier if I didn’t have to compress and squish it so it would fit in my mouth. Yes, my lips are still healing :(

MJC’s First General Meeting is in a few hours! :D And we’re going to Boston Pizza after for dinner at 8:30. I hope we don’t flood the place and aren’t too late. Sarah booked us for 30 people, which I THINK should be fine. I have to leave early, though, because my housemates called a house meeting at 10 D<

Alright, gonna start getting ready~



  selinebyron wrote @

I hope you’re having funn! I wish I coulda been there DX

  Sachie wrote @

Haha yeah it would probably make more sense to you if you were into English/History! But the scenes in Midnight in Paris were really pretty~

The MJC meeting was really fun! Thanks for organizing such a fun event :D

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