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I honestly didn’t know what to title this blog post as. Yesterday I went to get blood “sucked out” out of my “mosquito” bites. My parents were urging me to go back to the Chinese lady doctor who gave me the acupuncture because my bites just won’t close up. I really didn’t want to go because I felt that the acupuncture didn’t really do anything for me, but of course, my mom made me go anyway.

The experience? Much less scary than acupuncture. The most painful part was when the the doctor had to clean my wounds with alcohol, but that doesn’t really hurt anyway. She did use an acupuncture needle to prick the bite mark to make it a little bigger to suck the blood out, though, but that was alright.

I took a picture of the suction cup attached to my arm on my phone. Crappy picture, and I don’t know how to transfer it over to my computer haha 8D Mmm…but yeah. The procedure was interesting. She put a glass/plastic suction cup on my arm with a hole on top, and then she sucked all the air out with some device and I watched as my skin stretched and forced “bad blood” out of the wound. It looked really scary, not because of the blood, because I was like HOLY SCREW MY SKIN IS SO ELASTIC yeah. It was seriously bulging out. I’m trying to pull on my skin right now and it’s not elastic at all. Anyway, the blood that came out of my bite marks were really thick and a deep red. The doctor said once she took this out, then fresh “good blood” can return to the area and start clotting, since right now all the “bad blood” is in the way and my body has no way of expelling it or something. Once that was done she helped me put Fucidin cream around the area and my mom wrapped up my arm for me again.

She told me to go back again today, because she couldn’t really draw much blood from the bite mark on my lower arm, since I didn’t “have enough skin” and the suction cup kept falling off hahaha, interesting. We’ll see, though. Right now I’m not too worried about my arms. It might be because they’re constantly covered with bandages so I can’t freak out about them. I’m more annoyed about my lips. They’re still healing and they’re always tight and dry now matter how much water I drink. Grrrrrrr *shakes fist*


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