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Clubsfest 2011

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It was yesterday. And it was terrible =/ It rained during the entire duration of Clubsfest and MJC was in a bad spot this year :( Michelle and I were so excited for it, too >< We worked very hard on our trifold and we kept it closed a lot to avoid water damage like our old one. Good thing we didn’t buy any candy to staple to our info slips like last year. Oh well…hopefully the turn-out for the first meeting will be decent. After Clubsfest was over, Michelle, Andrew D, Philip, Sari, James and I went to Sapporo for sushi :) They renovated and it looks really neat, and they also added Thai food to their menu. I couldn’t eat any seafood, spicy things, chicken, or anything fried due to my strict diet since I’m still “ill”, but I still ate a lot. More than usual, actually. Andrew joined us later for ice cream after his night class and then drove us all home :)

The first day of classes was yesterday also. Yeah, skipped all of them except my last one haha 8D I’m such a good student. I finally fixed up my schedule a few minutes ago. I don’t have Wednesdays off anymore, but that’s alright :) Still pumped for this year, MJC has a lot of things planned hehe XD!

OK, I’M HUNGRY. *floats to kitchen*


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  selinebyron wrote @

I’m sorry clubsfest was a disappointment, but here’s to hoping good things for the year! =) I plan to visit as often as I can too :D

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