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Yeah. Never again.

I had a half an hour experience with acupuncture last week. 2 needles in my legs, 1 in each leg. Today I did it again. From 5:15pm to 8pm. Holy friggen screw. This session was longer because I didn’t want to go back for a third session.

My thoughts? I don’t know much about acupuncture, but I have my doubts. The effects of it I believe are mainly people being Placebo-ed. The needles only hurt when they’re being inserted and when they’re being taken out. But then again I have a very small pain tolerance. The needles inserted into my leg were about as long as a Q-tip, and it was inserted like 60% of the way in, so around 4cm. It would have gone through my wrist. The feeling of the needles in my legs weren’t pain. It’s a weird feeling. My legs felt cold and cramped and numb. Yeah, oddity. It was uncomfortable.

Anyway, my legs feel really weak right now. I really had to go to the washroom while I was doing the acupuncture but I was too scared to move even though the nice lady said I could. Once the needles were out, my legs felt numb and weak when I stood on them. It’s sort of like the feeling after you run 2937628368 kilometers and you’re unfit. That feeling. That sore aching cramping muscle feeling. The lady didn’t charge me for the session, though. And she didn’t charge my mom either, who halfway saw her friend have needles inserted into her forehead and thought it would be fun to give it a try. Crazy.

Mmm…congee =w= Tastes extra delicious when you’re famished like me.


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  selinebyron wrote @

At least you don’t have to go anymore! =)

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