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Weekend with Andrew

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Warning: Long blog post ahead. I didn’t know what to call this blog, but I spent the last 4 days (Friday to Monday) with Andrew, so I thought this title was fitting. Hmm where to begin.


I can’t remember what happened. Haha. I know originally we were only supposed to hang out on Friday and Saturday. Oh right. So on Friday I took the GO bus back into Hamilton after my mom dropped me off at York. Now which bus did I take…arg, terrible memory I have. I think I arrived in Hamilton at 1:30pm or so. *checks phone for texts* Ah yes, Andrew was working until 1, so yeah, the times are right. It was a hot day. I got back home, was disgusted with the house, and then Andrew came to pick me up at 2:50ish and we headed to the Arboretum to check out a part of the Royal Botanical Gardens :) Probably wasn’t a good day to go, though haha. Since it’s nearing the end of summer, nothing was in bloom :( But that’s alright. We explored the area a bit (actually to me we were hiking, that’s how unfit I am D<) and I think Andrew liked the area, so it was all good :3 I was sweating like a pig, woot for exercise! I would have enjoyed myself more if we went on a cooler day, but it was still enjoyable. We left at around…I’m not sure 8D! But then we went back to Andrew’s house to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 since we were going to watch the second part in theatres the next day. I can’t remember if I stayed for dinner…but I think I did? o.o I do remember eating dinner with Andrew’s family in their backyard. And I remember the little birdies flying around the bird feeder hehe. So either we had dinner first, and then watched Harry Potter, or we watched the movie first and then had dinner. I’m sure Andrew will tell me later, he seems to have a better memory than me. Anyway, after everything Andrew drove me back home. It was a very humid night for me.


I woke up early to shower because I felt disgusting. Checking my phone again, it seems Andrew texted me good morning at 11, and he was working. I think he got off at 2 hehe. Mmm, while waiting for Andrew, I watched an episode of Fairy Tail and got a sub at Subway. It was very delicious. Why yes, I am constantly checking my phone for text times to remember what happened on Saturday. Um, according to my phone, Andrew came to pick me up at 4. Where we went after I have no idea. But I do know we went to see Harry Potter at…*checks ticket time* 9:30pm! Haha, that’s pretty late, so I shall assume Andrew’s parents treated me to dinner again and then I just cuddled with Andrew until then. WAIT SOMETHING IS POPPING IN MY HEAD. Hmm, something about popcorn at the theatre, so not such a full dinner. This makes me believe we went to eat somewhere instead. Something small. NOW WHAT COULD IT POSSIBLY BE. Oh yes, we ate at Harvey’s! XD! I remember giving my poutine to Andrew because I couldn’t finish it. And I stole his onion rings. And I was wearing Andrew’s jacket teehee XD! Yes. And after that, that was when we went to the movie theatre ^^

So the final installment to the saga of Harry Potter was really good in my most humble opinion. Movie critic Andrew Stevenson disagrees with me, however, but we all know his opinion doesn’t matter as this is my blog 8D Hi, Andrew 8D Joking aside, yes, I did really enjoy the final Harry Potter film. I remember getting really excited for some parts, squeezing Andrew’s arm and all haha. I might be biased, though, because I have a thing for war preparation scenes or something D: It sounds so weird haha! And yes, I did get crazy excited when everyone at Hogwarts was preparing for Voldemort’s attack. A few scenes also reminded me of LOTR, so yeah, awesome. Could they have added more to the film? Obviously. But there can always be more for any film. Almost all the parts I wanted to see were done really well (the dragon escaping from Gringotts, Snape’s memories, and the crazy fire in the Room of Requirement scenes were awesome), just wish they could have shown Harry fixing his proper wand with the Elder wand at the end, because from what I got from the movie, Harry still doesn’t have a wand since his broke. I was also unsatisfied with Voldemort’s “avada kedavra” line. It sounded really weird and funny like he was and old man. ANYWAY, enough about me ranting, I’m not a movie critic, I’ll leave that to Andrew.

After the movie, it was pretty late and it was raining. Andrew said I could stay over at his place because his place had air conditioning, unlike my stupid room which was smelly and humid. So yep, I stayed over :) Andrew slept on the couches while I stole his bed haha X3 I also chose the wrong blanket to accompany me. It trapped heat very, very well, despite the air conditioning haha. I remember waking up when Andrew’s parents came home late, and then waking up a lot again after. Oh well~


Dum dee dum. I woke up due to heat I believe. I got out of bed at 8:45 I think? And texted Andrew to see if he was awake because I thought I heard him X3 Andrew’s parents were also up early and made me breakfast, but before that I took a shower. Andrew, your shower really hurts because the water pressure’s really high haha 8D Anyway, I had a big breakfast ._. Eggo waffles and pancakes >.> Yes, it’s way more  than what I normally have haha. Mmm…anyway, I think we left the house at…noon? Darn I can’t find my Butterfly Conservatory ticket to see what time we were there ;_; *cries* But yes, that’s where we went. Explored the surrounding area first. It’s really pretty :3 Also got to see my beloved horses pulling carriages X3 Couldn’t really explore the entire surrounding garden because it began to rain, so we went into the actual butterfly place. There was a board of all the different butterflies that were in the conservatory. I looked at them and decided that I wanted a picture of the Blue and White Morpho butterflies *nods* I made it my mission. EDIT: Found my ticket X3 We went in at 1:20pm~

So my first reaction when I entered was really O___________________O. It was so amazing! So many butterflies were flying freely everywhere XD! I was really excited and scared at the same time. Eager to go really close to the butterflies to take pictures, but I became a chicken when a few tried to land on my nose or got close to my face.  It’s a weird feeling, being very eager and scared at the same time haha X3 On the other hand, Andrew was a butterfly magnet. They kept landing on him hehe X3 It was very entertaining :) I don’t think I’ve ever had such an Andrew-filled album. The Blue Morpho butterflies were really stubborn. There were a lot of them flying in clusters everywhere, but whenever they landed they wouldn’t open their wings to show their pretty shimmery blue wings. I did manage a few pictures of them with their wings open, though :D Lucky me~ And I do believe there is only ONE White Morpho in the conservatory D< Either that, or they really hate me. Speaking of hating me, my camera hated me terribly. It refused to focus, the lens wouldn’t open properly (lens cap thing?) and of course it ran out of batteries (almost typed butterflies). My fault, though, for not fully charging it :(

We finally left after about an hour and a half I think? Andrew was getting annoyed I was paying more attention to the butterflies than him =P Joking X3 Mmm, we stopped by the gift shop where a lady asked me for my phone because she was lost and couldn’t find her boyfriend/husband or something. She said she was about to have a panic attack, and when he finally picked up on my phone she was really angry at him eeep. Yeah, left quickly after that, we were hungry anyway. We then headed to Niagara Falls since we were so close X3 We parked quite far from all the food places, and it was really hot, but somehow I managed to survive and we made it to Hard Rock Cafe in one piece =P FAST FORWARD IN TIME. Oh, look, we’re done our food :D And we headed back out in the humidity. And then we headed back to Andrew’s house haha, because we were both really tired and it was too hot to do anything anyway =P I can’t remember what we did after we got back to Andrew’s house, but he just told me we watched 2 episodes of xxxHolic and then we went to bed early^^ I slept on Andrew’s bed again haha X3


I believe I woke up early again haha X3 This time, I heard Andrew pouring cereal so I knew for sure he was awake, so I went to bug him. I then took a shower and Andrew made me Eggos yay! :D After eating, I think we watched 2 more episodes of xxxHolic, and then we somehow both became really tired and napped on the couches. We both woke up a lot but kept sleeping haha.  We were finally fully awake at…noon I believe. Haha wow X3 Andrew’s mom came home at around 1:45 for her break and we had hot dogs for lunch :) After that, Andrew and I headed to the bank, and then Andrew drove me back to Markham. Didn’t really do much, just chilled in my room, watched some YouTube videos, went to a nearby Tim Hortons for a snack, and then Andrew left at 7:30.

I do believe Andrew’s picking me up from work tomorrow, though 8D

What a long blog.

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  selinebyron wrote @

Bahahaha your blogs are always so interesting. =D You two are so cute haha :D


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