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Girls Night + Sleepover

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It’s always nice to just have a girls night now and again. Just talking, chilling, doing girl things, and putting work, life, and putting other things (I’d say boys, but it’s obvious that that’s always a discussion topic among girls 8D) aside for a day or two. I hung out with my wifeys Michelle, Sarah and Christianne yesterday and a bit of today :) I miss them already :(

So…what happened yesterday. Bad planning happened…hahaha, but that’s the amusing part. It was mainly communication issues we had, but in the end we were all able to contact each other somehow and things worked out. Sarah had work or something until 6, so after she was done, she took the subway to Finch Station, where she met up with Christianne and Christianne’s parents dropped them both off at Michelle’s :) They had to wait like 5 minutes because Michelle came to pick me up~ After that, we went to Markville Mall and just shopped around ^^ We didn’t have too much time, though. Arrived at 8, but the mall was closing at 9. I bought myself a blazer and a long-sleeved shirt with a deer on it X3 Yes, I’m crazy. Blazers and long-sleeves in the summer 8D! Christianne also managed to find some clothes for her cosplay hehe ^^ I wish we had more time to shop around because Christianne has never been to Markville before, and it was only Sarah’s second time.

After that, we headed to a Jack Astor’s for dinner~ We were all starving, except for Sarah, but for some reason, none of us were able to finish our meals, and Sarah ate the most even though she was least hungry XD The majority of dinner was just talking and catching up, and we played MASH hahaha, it was so entertaining XD According to the game, apparently all 4 of us will be millionaires, and I’m going to marry my rabbit, and I live in a shack o.o Oh well XD Hehe, good times with lots of laughter :) We stayed pretty late…until 11:30 or so o.o Our plans after dinner were supposed to either be dessert at Demetre(?) or bubble tea chilling times at Destiny’s, but my parents didn’t want me out too late, and Christianne was really sleepy (she’s used to sleeping at10:30!) so we headed back to Michelle’s house instead.

But obviously we didn’t sleep when we got back 8D! We had fun bringing down mattresses into Michelle’s living room and set up pillows and everything. And then we browsed Tumblr and YouTube and the creepy meme about the house guest. It was quite creepy hahaha XD We stayed up until…3 I think? Yeah, I’m not sure how Christianne managed X3 I couldn’t really sleep, though. No one was snoring, but it was quite warm and when I removed blankets it was too cold. I think I got like…2 hours of sleep in total haha XD! But that’s alright!

We set my phone and Michelle’s phone alarms for 9. We all got up at around 9:30, though haha, and then got dressed, packed up some stuff, and ate our leftovers from Jack Astor’s. Except me, I had toast 8D Haha, it was yummy. Sarah wanted to go back to Markville since we didn’t really have much time yesterday, so we left Michelle’s house at 10:30 or so and arrived at Markville 15 minutes later~ We still didn’t really have time to hang out, though :( Christianne had to be back in Hamilton by 2, and Sarah had work at 3, so after sharing Cinnabon and hunting down a bathroom for a few minutes, we left at 12:45 and Michelle drove them to a Viva bus stop~ After that, we headed back to Michelle’s house because James had come out to visit, and he was just sitting on her doorstep like a hobo haha, and then Michelle drove me back home.

Good times. I was very tired, but still good times X3 More wifey hang out times are needed.


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