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Passed G2 Test

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YAYYYY PASSED! :D! Though, I totally didn’t deserve it =/ I pulled over twice, did one 3-point turn, and reverse parked. That was it ._. I know the road test isn’t long…but it seriously felt like 5 minutes to me @.@ I guess they were running late? My test was booked for 10am, but I had to wait until 10:30 or so before my examiner came. Speaking of examiners…my examiner looked like he was about 17. He was very nice, very chill, looked like a gangster with his sunglasses 8D It was a surprise when he came up to my car because my mom and I had been observing the examiners for about 45 minutes and they were all…up there in age haha, so yeah, when we saw a “kid” walk up to us all cool and stuff, we were like .__. He tried to make me less nervous and suggested we sing Christmas songs while driving XD! He also mentioned to me about his pet red parrot named Chilly haha XD Everyone who’s scared about their road test should go to the driving centre in Aurora *nods* Hmm…but yes, a big relief for me XD I had a nightmare about my road test last night -_- Yeah, was pretty darn terrified. Should have listened to my friends when they told me it’s actually not too bad hehe XD Anyway, sleeping over at Michelle’s house tonight with the wifeys <3 Good reward, indubitably 8D

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  selinebyron wrote @

Well done =D I knew you could do it ^^ Now go enjoy yourself ;D

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