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Andrew came to visit me yet again yesterday. Without his GPS O_O This proves he visits me too much =P For once he came earlier than I expected and when he rang the doorbell my bed wasn’t even made yet 8D Hmm, the roads in front of my house are finally getting proper asphalt put on them, so my mom suggested Andrew go and park his car in the garage instead. And while he did that I managed to make my bed 8D What am I getting at? He didn’t need to, because we went to Pacific Mall a few minutes after since I was hungry haha XD! Arrived half an hour later (Pacific Mall is further than I thought o.o) and went straight to eat. I always eat the same thing, the yummy beef teriyaki from Japanese Express, and Andrew went and got his egg waffles. Not bread, Andrew, waffle 8D Haha, insert random discussion about Cho Chang levitating rice grains into her mouth 8D After nomming, we walked around for a bit. I couldn’t walk properly because I felt REALLY full and bloated haha. Mmm I bought a Miku poster o.o I didn’t even know Vocaloid posters existed…I think I saw 4 of them XD After that we went back to my house to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban :) We really should finish the Chamber of Secrets from last time, but I know the spider parts will give me nightmares, so we decided on the 3rd movie instead. After Andrew finished organizing my parents’ stack of Blu-ray disks, and me realizing my HP3 was not in Blu-ray collection, we hopped to the basement and found the DVD. Speaking of watching movies, I really should figure out how to work my TV/DVD player/Blu-ray player and stuff. That said, yes, it was Andrew who got everything running because I’m technologically dimwitted. After all his hard work, though, we didn’t finish the movie haha! We stopped because it was getting late and we were starting to get hungry. After 287623876 hours of indecisiveness of where to eat, we went to Kelsey’s near my house~ Did I mention it was raining really hard? o.o I like rain ^^ Speaking of driving in the rain…OMG MY G2 TEST IS NEXT WEEK I’M GONNA DIE UIUGHIWURHIUHW. I’m so not ready ;_; Andrew said I should pray for rain on the day of my test because people are more careful in the rain. I see his point, but I haven’t driven in the rain before…and I don’t even know how to work the windshield wipers o.o ANYWAY, after dinner it was already around 10:15, so Andrew drove me back home and then headed home himself. I guess we shall finish the movie another time~


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  selinebyron wrote @

Good luck on your G2 Test! =D

Too bad we didn’t run into each other at Pmall =P

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